Finding the Best Device that Locks Garage Doors

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The garage is an integral part of a house. People find many ways to make it a practical and valuable asset by turning it into storage space, an office, or a well-equipped workshop. In general, homeowners appreciate a house with a garage because it offers them many possibilities to get the most out of the extra space. Whether they own a car or not, a garage is a valuable room that can store many other vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, vans, or trailers.

Considering the variety of items kept inside the garage, it is often seen as a gateway into the house by burglars bold enough to break the door. To ensure it is a safe place that remains out of the reach of intruders, one must find the best device that locks garage doors so that no one can get inside without permission. If you live in Sydney, we assure you that you can find the most resilient locks for garage doors Sydney can provide. Hence, you can rest assured knowing that your garage is protected by the best locks that are impossible to break.

Picking the Right Door Type

When installing a garage door, the first thing to have in mind is the design, which must match the design of the house itself. If your house has a front-positioned garage, the door will likely get a lot of attention, and picking the right style will undoubtedly improve your home’s curb appeal. If let’s say, your house is built in a Victorian style, there is no way you can install a modern door made of plastic. In this case, a solid wood door is more appropriate, as it will complement the rest of the architecture. You must carefully pick the hardware to ensure it is durable, and proper insulation that will maintain a constant temperature inside the garage. Also, install a device that locks garage doors and stays locked until you open it.

Garage doors are divided into six big categories, but three of them are mostly preferred by homeowners, as follows:

Sectional Doors

They are made of panel sections connected with hinges that bend over a curved part of a vertical track placed on each side. As the door opens and closes, the wheels at the end of each panel roll inside the track, allowing the door to sit parallel to the ceiling when opened entirely. The door is kept from falling through a set of high-tension springs attached to the cables that move the door.

Slide-to-the-side Doors

They are very similar to the first type, only that they move to the side instead of up, sitting parallel to the wall. A track is mounted on the top of the wall, and the panels slide to the side as you action the retractable motor.

Roll-up Doors

As an Australian resident, you will likely find this type of door installed in many garages, as it’s a prevalent model for residential use. It comprises small steel sections that roll around a drum that pulls them up, requiring little to no ceiling space for opening. Due to the durable construction, you can install a wide range of locks for garage doors Sidney has to offer, ensuring you can sleep safely at night.

Installing the Proper Device that Locks Garage Doors

After picking the desired type or model, it’s time to examine the locking system closely. As mentioned before, intruders often use the garage as an entry point inside the house, so installing locks is not something to overlook. People mostly prefer keyed locks, such as deadbolts, that are more secure than regular padlocks. Handle locks are a popular choice for garage doors with a handle, as they are easy to install and use. One of the most resilient and trustworthy locks for garage doors Sidney homeowners install is the roller door lock, consisting of a double-skinned metal locking system that ensures no entry point is left for burglars to use.

But what best locks garage doors is the electronic lock, an ingenious device that uses a number combination to securely close the door and keep it that way until the combination is reinserted. Keypad locks are the basic model with a keypad to lock and unlock the door. Smart locks are a more advanced option that opens and locks garage doors through a smart device like a phone. It can be accessed from a distance and is highly secure as there is no way to hack it. Key fob locks are small and easy to install, being the ultimate keyless option that relies on technology and the internet to function. Key fob units are popular locks for garage doors Sidney homeowners install when they want to benefit from the most advanced security technologies.

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Additional Safety Precautions

What’s more, you can enhance the capabilities of any lock you install by adding a few extra devices, starting with a garage door timer. You might often be in a hurry when leaving the house, or you can’t remember whether you closed the garage door. This worry can fade if you have a timer installed on the door. It will ensure you won’t forget to close the garage door as it automatically closes after a certain period, thus limiting the risk of having intruders inside the garage.

Sensor lights are also helpful around the garage, as thieves take advantage of the darkness to try and sneak into your property. Motion sensors that automatically turn on the lights whenever they detect motion are highly effective in discouraging burglars. They increase visibility and alert you or your neighbors when someone passes by your garage door.

Invest in a Quality Surveillance System

A door lock is entirely safe if you pair it with a high-quality surveillance system. Even the most innovative locks can sometimes be broken by intruders, but installing a security camera can deter burglars and even discourage them from entering your property. Many people complete their home security with cameras that can capture motion around the clock and provide accurate information on possible trespassers. To spend your money wisely on a helpful camera, ensure it includes specifications like motion detection sensors, HD quality video to provide crystal clear images, high resolution, and infrared light.

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