Family Fun In Corbett: Activities And Amenities At Family-Friendly Resorts

Family Fun at Corbett: Activities and amenities at a family-friendly resort with family at the hotel. The Baagh is one of Jim Corbett’s best places; We’re not the ones asking for it, but our visitors love that Jim Corbett chose us.

About The Baagh Resort

The Baagh Resort is the best resort near Delhi; It is located in the lush green Makura Valley, approximately 35 kilometres from Ramnagar Railway Station. The resort is nestled among the branches of nature along the Ramganga River, creating a unique microclimate and offering spectacular views from both inside and outside the resort.

As a guest of The Baagh Resort, you can clearly see beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets and beautiful views of the night sky gently illuminated by bright stars. The hotel’s surroundings and natural landscape encourage our hearts to create and invite us to connect with nature. We see that Luxury resorts in jim corbett is inspired by nature; The plant consists of all five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and feeling) and five natural components (earth, water, sky, fire and air).

Family activities and accommodation at Resorts By The Baagh.

In our fast and busy life, it is your responsibility to keep yourself busy, spend time with your family and friends, evaluate your time and connect with them. The Baagh Resort offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in natural beauty and lift your spirits. Away from the distraction of technology; There are no cell phones, no televisions in the cabins and no daily newspapers. Everything is designed to make you feel at one with nature and have a stress-free paradise experience.

Adventure and Discovery

As we all know, The Baagh Resort is located on the banks of a beautiful river surrounded by beautiful mountains. There are many activities around the Ramganga River and the river plain; On Saturday morning, you can make a reservation for a family dinner by the river, coffee in hand and watching the sunrise over the mountains. We’ve also included family-friendly adventure activities like forest walks, wildlife spotting, and even ziplines and zip lines for kids and teens.

Sports and Recreation

We know that sports are important for the physical development of children and that sports can also be a tool for you to have fun; Whether you are a child or an adult, a little sport will always add colour to your life. At The Baagh Resort, we love to have fun and we include indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Family Dinner Options

The Resort, we always try to host everyone you know in a comfortable environment. We also have a family meal option so you can dine at the same table with your family.


The Baagh Resort is a place where you can stay with your loved ones, try to strengthen your relationship with them, and spend quality time. That’s what makes The Baagh Best Resort in Jim Corbett the best place on the ocean.

Resorts By The Baagh


Resorts by the Baagh is 5 star resort in jim corbett and bhimtal

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