Factors to consider while buying marijuana seeds for outdoors

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While you are in search of the best outdoor marijuana strains, there are various facets that should be taken into consideration, taking into account the growth process and the results. Luckily we went through the entire trouble of scouring the popular strains while buying marijuana seeds to figure out the ones that should be grown outdoors.

Things to consider for outdoor marijuana strains


It is probably a vital factor while you search for outdoor cannabis strains since you can easily control the environment strictly for indoor grows. There are numerous strains that have come equipped with their own set of defenses against any potential threats as you keep the crop in the greenhouses that do not guarantee their safety.

For instance, we all understand that trichomes are important to get the potential yields, but their evolutionary functions safeguard the plant from herbivorous insects. But, it is also important to consider the strains that naturally resist the diseases, molds, and fungi at the lower levels of humidity in a better manner.

Potency & Effect

It is a tricky subject matter as several urban myths proliferate in regards to the potency and the effect of the outdoor cannabis strains. People can specifically believe that the outdoor strains are produced fewer cannabinoids than the indoor strains since the outdoor growth operations are rarely the ones controlling the process effectively like the indoors for a long time.


Everyone wishes to have bigger yields as they can, whether you are growing for commercial or personal purposes. Surely, the yield is highly important for the commercial growers who are able to generate greater profit compared to the personal growers who would need the excess.

It is yet another area where the outdoor growth tends to be superior to growing them indoors, with the outdoor plants that yield more than the indoor ones. There are numerous indoor strains that have been cultivated mostly over time, producing comparable yields for the outdoor crops of the similar strain as they tend not to hold them across the strains.

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