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There are a few specific issues that can only be repaired by a professional plumber although there are a few smaller plumbing issues such as clogged drains that people can tackle on their own. The plumbers from the plumbing companies in Edmonton are equipped with experience, knowledge, and tools that can help get the repair job done in the most efficient manner.

The following is a list of issues that are common under plumbing services:

Handling foul odor

Repairing issues that cause an unpleasant odor that arrives out of the toilet is a common issue that needs help from a plumber. It is more likely a strong sewage odor. It can be due to the malfunctioning of the wax ring, bursting sewer pipes, or when there is not enough water in the toilet bowl. There is even an unpleasant odor that comes from the drain of the bathtub. It can be due to a broken pipe, leaky tap, or even a dry trap.

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Clearing blocked drain

You will also have a blocked drain that you will not be able to clear leading the water to stop draining. It can be the result of the accumulated hair, soap, grease, and fat that has hardened. The plumber has the necessary tools that can help remove the hardened clog.

Resolving low water pressure

The plumbing system can also lead to low water pressure along with the necessary fluctuations. You can notice this issue while running your taps and a low volume of water that flows out. The issue can be out of the defective parts, rotting pipes along improper sink installation. You need a professional to resolve this issue.

Noisy water heater and pipes

The other common issue that needs repair would be a noisy water heater. The issue is the result of the defective parts, improper installation of water heater, accumulation of sediment in the water tanks, and when the temperature is set at high. The noisy pipes can rattle and vibrate which is a common plumbing issue. This noise is referred to being the water hammer. There are causes that include the water pump failure, accumulation of dirt and sediment, sudden valve closure. The plumber services are required since a water hammer can eventually be damaging your pipes.

Burst pipes

It is often an emergency when it comes to burst pipes. These would often be due to the excessively cold temperatures. The pipes will be expanding, freezing, and then bursting. It is a serious matter that will need the services of a plumber due to the risk of flooding. There are several other reasons behind water pipes that may get damaged. Corrosion can happen at the exterior of the pipe due to water and soil. The old water pipes and the poor quality of pipes will become brittle and even crack. There are even physical damages that can occur if someone has accidentally hit the pipe while performing the renovation work performed by the plumbing companies in Edmonton. Too much pressure within the pipe can make it burst. Pipes can even break when they are installed improperly.

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