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FGI Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified service provider in Africa. It has a long record of success. Its headquarter is in the U.S. It provides acquiescent support services to the government of Africa and also to international organizations. They provide services to their clients through various services.

They aim at increasing employment in the country and try to reduce poverty by working with local communities which helps to increase growth, and reduce various problems in the country. FGI provides exceptional services through well-trained, experienced, and professional staff who are dedicated to quality delivery services in Africa.

Operational focus of FGI solutions in Africa:

As it is one of the Somaliland Logistics Companies, its partners and personnel of FGI Solutions have extensive pan-African experience which helps to uphold the reputation of their clients. They try to increase their client’s local capacity, capability, transparency, and flexibility which can be uncertain and difficult in various different environments.

FGI solutions provide services in various parts of Africa like Kenya, Somalia, Niger, Djibouti, and Mozambique. They provide their different exceptional services in these parts of the country. People are very happy with their experience with FGI solutions and rebook every time.

.Various services provided by FGI Solutions:

Security Services:

Being one of the leading Logistics Service Providers in Somalia, they provide reliable security services to all their customers and help them to make their journey secure.

Supply chain and Procurement:

FGI Solutions tries to reduce the cost of the clients and increase their operational efficiencies. They plan and monitor different types of supply chain activities and provide service in various challenging remote locations.

Project Operations and Support:

FGI provides services in different parts of the country. They provide vehicle services to many parts of the world with the help of their trusted partners, supply chain networks and established partners. Their services include Vehicles Rental Support, MHE Rental Support, Asset Management and Maintenance, Waste Management and Wastewater treatment, and Recruitment and Manpower support.

International shipping and Logistics:

It can plan and successfully transport a large variety of equipment and materials. Crane Rental: FGI solutions are the leading heavy equipment rental service in Afghanistan. They provide affordable rental services in Afghanistan. They provide cranes for different purposes like civil construction, residential and commercial projects, bridges, and flyovers.

Some of the Shipping Companies in Somalia are:

  • MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company LTD
  • East Africa Shipping Co
  • African Shipping Line-Asline-Somalia

Auto Rental:

FGI solutions provide affordable auto rental service in Somalia. Anyone can rent family car to luxury car as per their need from them.

Armor Vehicles Rental Company:

Armor vehicle is now become a necessity. People can use Armor Vehicles Rental Companies in Mozambiqu to fulfill their necessity.

Vehicle Rental Companies:

They provide pick-up trucks, commercial trucks and trailers to fulfill the needs of the people of Africa.

For More Information Click Here: Vehicles Rental Companies in Mozambiqu

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