Examine These Steps While Growing Emerald Fire Og Autoflower Seeds

When you are growing your cannabis seed, there are several things you need to consider. One of the main aspects is the proper lighting schedules. The light your plant receives will show when your seed will start flowering and how heavy the harvest will be. When you grow emerald fire og autoflower seeds, you need to keep them for 12 hours of darkness every day; only then will they begin to flourish.

If you are looking forward to success in growing the cannabis plant, we need to realize how to maximize the effectiveness of the lighting schedule. Do you know how to find the proper light schedules for cannabis seeds and the transformations they must undergo for indoor and outdoor functioning? If you want to know deeply about lighting schedules and how they will affect your cannabis plant’s growth incredibly.

Light Schedule For Cannabis Seedlings

To grow your cannabis plant, you must first plant the seeding. In addition, if you have properly placed and germinated your seeds, you are ready to expose them to the lighting schedule. Furthermore, this will be the stage where your plant will grow; it is known as a seedling. Do you know what seedlings are? They have small roots but have yet to be ready to be transplanted. If you wish to maximize the light schedule of your seedlings, it will eventually provide plenty of energy to your plant, which will help in growing in the root system.

Entering The Vegetative Stage

It is also one of the imperative stages where the plant enters vegetative. For your information, the vegetative must be monitored carefully to increase your plant’s success. At this stage, your plant grows taller and wider, developing the stems, leaves, and other necessary buds that will flourish out loud.

If you wish to develop your plant’s growth, it will provide up to 24 hours of light daily. Some growers will opt for a less lighting schedule, which will help give your plants relief at night. Adopting this will assist in encouraging quick growth during daylight hours.

 Entering The Flowering Stage

After you enter the flowering stage, it is time to look ahead to the most crucial stage for your cannabis plants. This stage occurs naturally, especially for outdoor growers, where your plants get 12 hours of sunlight daily. Do you believe that outdoor flowering can last forever? As you have seen, most growers do outdoor flowering; it can last for about 8-12 weeks, depending on the strain you are using, the growing environment, and the plant’s health.

When we talk about indoor growers, a lighting schedule for about 12 hours will help flourish the flowering beautifully.


Now you must know how to utilize them and why they are important. You must consider all these crucial points while growing emerald fire og autoflower seeds, which will help show you the right path and help you grow the cannabis plant. So, check out the above points to grow your marijuana seeds greatly.

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