Everything You Wanted to Know About Buying Masks

The CDC has recommended relaxing norms for face coverings for fully vaccinated people. However, masks are sometimes required when attending crowded outdoor events such as parades, music events, sports events, and live performances.

If you plan to buy masks, here are a few things to know.

Why Do We Need Masks?

When combined with other protective measures like social distancing and frequent hand-washing, masks can help slow the spread of coronavirus. Researchers have found that the COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets expelled while interacting with others. We also know that you could be a carrier even without realizing it, which is known as being an asymptomatic carrier. This type of carrier has the virus but does not present any symptoms.

Different Types of Masks

Surgical masks are disposable and meant to protect the wearer from droplets that could contain germs. They also filter out dust particles when the wearer breathes in. N95 masks are better than surgical masks because they filter out smaller particles. But stay away from N95 masks with valves as these don’t filter the air when breathing out.

Cloth masks are the most commonly used and eco-friendly option of the three. They trap water droplets and act as a barrier that prevents inhaling water droplets expelled by others. But make sure the masks are made of breathable fabrics and include multiple layers of fabric.

Mother Bee Maternity masks are reusable and made using poly-spandex. They come with a double layer and are sold as a pack of four. Plus, we promise to donate one to frontline workers, including healthcare professionals, for every Mother Bee Maternity mask you purchase.

Face shields are only an added layer of protection and must not be used in place for masks.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Masks

People who cannot remove masks without help shouldn’t wear them. This includes infants and unsupervised children below the age of five. If you have a health condition that makes it difficult to wear masks, consult your doctor for further advice.

What to Look for When Buying Masks

Masks designed for adults don’t fit children well and can defeat the purpose of wearing one from an improper fit. If you need to get a mask for your child, find one that’s made for children so that they fit snugly. The mask should cover the nose and chin and must not have any gaps around the sides. However, it shouldn’t block your vision. Most importantly, the mask must allow you to breathe comfortably while walking or talking.

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