Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels have become very popular and are even considered the perfect bath towels. While most high-quality towels are made from cotton or cotton-blend, Turkish towels are valued for their look, feel, and, most importantly, durability. Read on to understand why people love them so much:

What Is A Turkish Towel?

Turkish towels are traditionally called peshtemels, hammams, or foutas and made using premium Turkish cotton. Unlike other cotton fibres, Turkish cotton is famed for its long-fibre that yields stronger and smoother threads. Longer fibre naturally means fewer joins which gives you a luxurious feel.

Turkish towels are compact, lightweight, and dry quickly. You can pack them to the gym or beach without having to worry about carrying a damp towel back home. But it’s not just the fibre that makes these towels special – they have a flat and loose weave, making them lightweight and super-absorbent.

The History Of Turkish Towels

It is believed that Turkish towels were first used in Turkish bathhouses or hammams a few hundred years ago. They were very popular, especially among the royals, and even part of the ceremonial bath kit gifted to newlyweds. The Ottomans employed artisans who specialised in rugmaking to weave these towels. Craftsmen used complex weaving techniques and intricate designs to impress their elite clientele. Today, anyone can own a Turkish towel, but unfortunately, not all towels are made alike.

What To Look For When Buying Turkish Towels?

Loopys Turkish towels are designed in Australia but crafted in Turkey by artisans who have been looming and looping for generations. Their unique weaving technique makes them soft and durable and ensures quick drying. Genuine Turkish towels are made using 100% Turkish cotton. We do not use synthetic chemicals or dyes – all our towels are made using 100% pure, organic Turkish cotton.

What Is So Special About Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels are versatile – you can fashion one as a sarong or scarf or even use it as a part of your home décor. Since they’re lightweight, they make excellent travel towels. You can also replace cheap beach towels with our range of Turkish towels – they don’t hold sand and stay soft and absorbent without being heavy after a wash.

Are Turkish Towels Difficult To Maintain?

If you’re looking for a fuss-free towel, consider buying Turkish towels. They can be machine washed and don’t need to be tossed in a dryer as they dry quickly. We don’t recommend using a fabric softener as the residual silicone in the softener makes the towel stiff and rigid. And they last longer than regular towels

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