Everything You Need To Know About A Leaky Gut And The Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic

How to test for a leaky gut? The experts explain.

A leaky gut is a condition that can cause several cascades of other more severe conditions unless it is seen in time. Before going to how to test for a leaky gut, let us look at what the leaky gut condition is. 

What is a leaky gut? 

The gut lining is covered by a porous wall that has holes in it which act as filters for what enters the gut. The filter allows smaller substances to pass through but prevents the larger ones from making their way into the gut. 

In the leaky gut condition, the holes in this gut wall get wider with time and this enables larger toxins to also find their way into the gut, thus causing diseases. The Melbourne natural medicine clinic believes in naturopathy and thus the causes of the leaky gut are believed to stem from a change in diet, habits and lifestyle. 

What are the causes of leaky gut syndrome? 

While the causes of a leaky gut can be any environmental causes or internal conditions within the body that set this off, they can be categorised as: 

Dietary causes: Often certain foods act as triggers for the leaky gut. The components and ingredients in foods can damage the gut wall if over time they continue to be consumed. 

For instance, gluten intolerance is when a person does not have the required processing factors for gluten. Hence, when consumed, the gluten can cause inflammation of the gut lining and over time this can turn severe. 

Stress: As in the case of all health conditions, stress continues to be the number one cause of them. When the body is under stress, the brain allows the activation of the fight or flight mechanism, and other body processes operate at the bare minimum. 

Thus, in stressful conditions, the body’s immune system weakens. 

The bacterial population: My Vital Health Solutions, a Melbourne natural medicine clinic has time and again emphasised that the body itself often has the control to fight diseases and any changes in the body’s ecosystem can cause conditions like a leaky gut.

An imbalance between the good and harmful bacteria in the intestine can lead to a leaky gut. When the good bacterial populations start to decline, the intestinal flora gets modulated. This can lead to several health conditions. 

Toxins: There are several toxins that we expose ourselves to in the course of daily life. Some of these are environmental, some in the food we eat and unknowingly some could also be from the harmful bacteria within us. 

These toxins could be a factor that leads to leaky gut syndrome

How to test for a leaky gut?

The leaky gut syndrome test involves the mannitol and lactulose test. These are water-soluble but not used by the body. The test involves a person drinking the solution of both and then the urine is observed for across 6 hours. 

Lactulose is slightly absorbed by the body in normal conditions. The results are as follows: 

  1. The person is healthy if the urine shows high levels of mannitol and low levels of lactulose
  2. High levels of both would mean the person has a leaky gut condition
  3. Low levels of both mean there is a problem of malabsorption of nutrients by the gut

Why should you reach out to the Melbourne natural medicine clinic? 

My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic that believes in addressing health conditions through a systematic and deep approach instead of only treating the side effects. There is no magic cure to health. 

Along with leaky gut, there are several other conditions for which you will find therapy here including hormonal issues. 

Have you been having high estrogen symptoms and wondering how to reduce estrogen? 

Naturopaths can help. A proper diet, lifestyle and health are integral to having a good life. The path to a healthier life is yours to follow. Are you experiencing any discomfort? Are you constantly tired or fatigued? The reason could be an imbalance of hormones. To determine if you are showing high estrogen symptoms, visit the clinic. You will also understand how to reduce estrogen and live a healthier life.

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