Ever Wondered Why You Might Need Specialist Property Disaster Clean Up? This Bio Clean Company in Melbourne Explains Why

First things first, what exactly is meant by bio cleaning?

Bio cleaning deals with the removal and cleaning of surfaces that have been holding biohazards or biological waste. A dead human body is recognised as a biological waste as it secrets (involuntarily during Rigor Mortis) bio enzymes and biological matter like body fluids, stool, urine, and water. These contaminants if left unattended for long can cause environmental contamination and may even bore diseases or infections. Additionally, it is crucial to dispose of the biological waste properly to prevent diseases from spreading or to prevent contamination of the environment. Bio Clean is a leading trauma cleaning, property disaster clean up, biohazard cleaning, and deceased estate cleaning service provider in Melbourne and surrounds. With years of experience in providing top-notch and on-time property disaster clean-up, rest assured you are getting the best of services at all times.

Our Approach for Cleaning at Bio Clean Melbourne

Our team of experts has decades of experience in cleaning properties to ensure that they are safe to occupy. We make use of eco-friendly products that are easy on the environment but act tough on stains, odors, and bacteria. All our range of equipment is the industrial strength to tactfully remove contamination. Moreover, we use safe methods for biological waste disposal. We are always making conscious decisions whilst following necessary protocols closely to ensure a cleaner and safer environment to live in. Quality is at the top of our priority at all times.

How Biological Cleaning Works at Bio Clean?

Certain biosurfactants and enzymes present in the biological waste cleaning products act on surfaces upon contact. These elements are responsible for removing stains and odors from surfaces. The actions of biosurfactants and enzymes go on for hours eliminating infection-causing bacteria. The biosurfactants and enzymes consume feeding material that the infection-causing bacteria need to grow and propagate. Leaving not enough food for the infection to feeding on, thus eliminating growth.

Why Hire Bio Clean Company Melbourne?

Prompt response to all queries
Locally owned and operated trusted bio cleaning company
Decades of experience in the cleaning industry
Complete and effective odor removal from the site
Industry-leading team and process management
The efficient and tactical process to complete the job
Professionally trained and friendly team
Thorough in all aspects of cleaning and restoration
Discreet service when required

Why You Shouldn’t Take up Property Disaster Clean Up Yourself?

There’s never an announcement for disaster. If you or your loved ones have been through a disaster, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t get down to a property disaster clean up yourself.

Wondering why?

Here are some common unfortunate disasters that happen in Australia:


While rescue operations are initiated to move people from affected regions, it is upon oneself to get adequate property disaster clean up before moving back into their respective places.

These disasters can bring contaminants and pollutants from the neighborhood into your living space and might be difficult to get rid of. Additionally, the water from floods carries bacteria and organisms that can cause health issues while debris from cyclones and earthquakes can be dangerous to clean on your own and might involve risks of injury.

Bio Clean is a forerunner in providing top-notch property disaster clean up services. Our Bio Clean company in Melbourne offers property disaster clean-upBio Clean Melbourne - Cleaning Company.jpg services for bio clean Ballarat needs as well!

We are always a call away!

Bio Clean Melbourne


Bio Clean Melbourne is a leading biohazard cleaning and property remediation company that offers quick and high-quality services in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, and Mornington.

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