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                                                       EMAIL INFRASTRUCTURE

System built to fuel the delivery of all newsletters or transactional emails you send out. 
It typically consists of the following components: IP addresses, mail agents, feedback loops, and email reputation management tools.

                                           SETTING UP YOUR NEW BUSINESS’S EMAIL INFRASTRUCTURE 

New business to outsource its email infrastructure to a third-party vendor or advisable to manage it in-house by looking at its pros and cons.

The following are the advantages of outsourcing email infrastructure management over in-house management.

1. Access To Experts:
Wise for new businesses to outsource their email infrastructure to such experienced hands.

2. Faster Turnaround:
Decision-making can at times become hostage to layers of approvals and permissions.
The faster the action is taken, the better will the security of the establishment be.

3. Focus On Core Responsibilities:
The organization will thus be able to focus on their given field of expertise more intently.

4. Sharing Of Risks:
One can share the prevalent risk and undertake mitigating actions in time.

5. Reduction Of Cost:
Outsourcing email Infrastructure will lead to a reduction in costs.

6. Round-the-clock Maintenance:
Excellent advantage for any organization that wants to communicate with its clients across the globe. 
The round-the-clock management increases the deliverability of the emails. 

7. Simplified Targets:
The entire responsibility of that particular work will now lie squarely on the managed service provider’s shoulders. 

8. Scalability:
Scalability is the prime concern of every new business. 

                                                   EMAIL MARKETING MANAGER

--> An Email Marketing Manager utilizes email communication tools to market a company and increase brand awareness. 

--> They are experts in the usage of email communications and develop marketing strategies and distribution techniques

--> Aims to execute campaigns that successfully engage consumers and ultimately drive profit.

--> Email Marketing Managers work very closely with other members of a company’s marketing communications and IT teams in order to implement their ideas. 

--> Other marketing employees who help to develop various aspects of the email marketing campaigns. 

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