Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design: How MEP Engineers Play a Vital Role

As additional individuals purchase electric vehicles, the country’s charging framework should fill a couple. This includes setting up EV charging stations. It is fundamental to draw in the administrations of experts in the step, and this is where MEP Engineers come in. Assuming you are wanting to give charging focuses to private use or business motivations, this article talks about the job of MEP engineers in EV charging station plan.


In any case, we will begin with what MEP engineers are.

What are MEP engineers?


MEP designing is the method involved with arranging, planning, and dealing with the MEP frameworks of a development project (MEP implies mechanical, electrical, and plumbing). The experts that do this are known as MEP engineers.

MEP is a vital piece of each and every task since it frames the focal sensory system. It makes a structure, for example, bearable and wonderful, whether it is a block of pads or the tallest structure on the planet.


Role of MEP engineers in EV charging station designing:


The US as of now has around 46,290 EV accusing stations of more than 113,000 charging focuses. Be that as it may, the nation needs something like 1,000,000 charging stations to help half of all new vehicles being electric inside the following decade.


This shows that numerous EV charging station establishments will happen inside the following 10 years. MEP architects will be in it.


With regards to planning an EV charging station, there are many advances included. These means call for MEP architects to do numerous assignments before the undertaking is finished. A portion of the errands are referenced beneath


Site practicality

Each site is remarkable, and the MEP engineer should evaluate the site to recognize what is expected to set up a charge station. For instance, a few locales might require electrical overhauls. A few areas are not difficult to work with, while others are not, however MEP engineers guarantee the site can have a charging station.


An expected level of effort

The MEP engineer is likewise liable for a reasonable level of effort while planning an EV charging station. This incorporates guaranteeing consistence with construction regulations, conditions, limitations, appropriate drafting, and so on. The person in question will likewise get every one of the important licenses. This might turn out to be more perplexing in the event that different offices are available, similar to a vehicle leave.


Electrical plan

This is another imperative step while introducing an electric vehicle charging station. The MEP engineer thinks about whether the site will have numerous charging focuses, if AC or DC or both are required, the power prerequisites, which might rely upon the maximum power provided to the vehicle, charging link, and so forth. The objective for the electrical specialist is to plan a framework that can endure top burden.



At this stage, the MEP engineer decides the sort of charging hardware that turns out best for the site, in view of the necessities. The gear could be Level 2, which works with 240V commonly in private applications or 208V in business applications, or Level 3, which normally works with 208/408V AC three-face input.


Charging awards and motivators

The MEP engineer stays up to date with the charging awards and motivators accessible in the client’s area, which assists with settling a portion of the establishment costs. Sources incorporate the administrative, state, and nearby legislatures, service organizations, and different associations.


Adjustable administrations

An EV charging station has a large number, empowering it to offer modified administrations, and the MEP engineer factors these in the plan. For instance, the site administrator might utilize EV charging station the board programming that handles installments utilizing check cards. The charging stations may likewise confirm clients utilizing RFID, while the chargers might be recorded on stages that make them more discoverable.



MEP engineers play a major part to play as the EV charging framework of the nation develops.


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