Effective POP Displays: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business?

Among the various shopfitting equipment & tools that are being increasingly employed by the store owners for persuading their customers, one is POP displays or Point of Purchase displays. Often understated for its capabilities, POP can prove to be an effective tool for your business. One major reason for their popularity can be their placement. Retailers tend to place them beside the merchandise they seek to promote, which provides those products more visibility.

Having a clear knowledge about POP displays and their advantages can benefit your business by harnessing high-traffic areas of your store for boosting sales. Here is a carefully assembled list of advantages of creative POP displays:

1. Grab customers’ attention

Shoppers stroll through your store observing your supermarket equipment, merchandise, and POP displays briefly. No matter how appealing or alluring, the packaging of your merchandise alone cannot make an impression or an impact on the customers. This is where the displays enter the picture. Employing larger mediums like a creative cardboard display or a hanging shelf sign to complement your merchandise can enhance the visibility of your products.

2. Complement your packaging

Having top-quality products can naturally attract customers, however, there are other ways that can be useful for adding an advantage to your products’ impression. You can adopt various other methods to communicate to the audience about the quality of your products and shop fitting equipment. There might be numerous things and features you want to add but the limited space on the small label or box can get in the way.

This is where Point of Purchase displays make an entrance. Apart from spotlighting your brand, these displays are very effective in utilizing the space for educating the customers about the unique features that a particular product offers. You can use your supermarket equipment and the POP display in a better manner that highlights the merchandising of your product. POP displays can be very useful for advertising additional information that cannot be incorporated into your packaging. It can simply make your brand stand out and flaunt its exceptional design in a more efficient way that can help with branding.

3. Place your merchandise strategically

Point of Purchase displays can be employed at a store in either way. They can be free-standing as well as attachments that might fit onto the tips of the shelves. These displays can easily be attached to your shop fitting equipment and provide a unique placement to the merchandise. This can provide you as well as the retailer a more flexible placement of the products. These displays can avoid the products being squeezed in on some low shelf corner of the store. POP displays provide a strategic placement in the middle of highly traversed areas within the retail store. This approach can also help the merchandise being exhibited next to any complimentary product.


4. Assist retailers in merchandising

The struggle for effective merchandising is known to all retailers as well as brand owners. For this, store owners are advised to employ high-quality supermarket equipment that can efficiently display their products & grab the attention of the shoppers. It often depends on the retailer how much they want to advertise your brand and how much space they want to provide to your merchandise. Offering a POP display to the retailer can provide a better exhibition for your products. Also, you can control how your brand is being advertised.

5. Cost-efficient

Advertising your brand on big screen hoardings or most media platforms is very expensive. Point of Purchase displays in the form of signs or posters can deliver your message effectively to the right audience for a fraction of the cost. You can even employ similar ads & messages with slight changes so as to fit a store poster or cardboard display.

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