Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives Every Business Owner Must Know

As more and more people are becoming concerned about the global warming crisis, a trend of switching to eco-friendly alternatives is gaining momentum for the betterment of the environment. Many business owners are improvising and contributing towards saving the environment by innovating with their products. They find new ways to design and produce their merchandise in an environment-friendly way while being creative at the same time in order to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint. Papercut Factory is one of the leading propagators of the eco-friendly philosophy and offers the most exemplary eco-friendly printing and packaging services along with exquisite eco-friendly products and stationery items.

As the “cradle-to-cradle” concept is spreading far and wide among the business community, more and more business owners are drawn towards eco-friendly packaging methods. The packaging materials and accessories can be designated as one of the biggest industrial culprits impacting the environment and contributing to the ecological footprint. The process of shipping a product from the producer, via the retailer, ultimately to the consumer involves remarkable quantities of costly packaging materials. This is one of the reasons for switching to the innovative new wave of eco-friendly alternatives from the traditional packaging materials. From biodegradable containers to recyclable & reusable plastics there are plenty of options available for running your business in an environment-friendly way. Here are some of the eco-friendly packaging alternatives that you can explore for your business:

Folded Bubble Wrap

You all must be familiar with kids’ favorite bubble wrap packaging that covers and protects fragile and delicate items during shipment. It cannot be counted as the eco-friendliest substance because it’s made of plastic. However, fortunately, there are numerous other more eco-friendly alternatives that are being developed.

One of these many alternatives is a wrap made out of up-cycled corrugated cardboard. Instead of recycling or disposing of consumed cardboard waste, it’s life can be supplemented further as a cushioning material. Putting little cuts in it can provide the material a concertina-type effect that can help protect the packed items against shocks just as bubble wrap packaging does. The only drawback is that you don’t get to have fun bubble popping afterward!

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

As the green trend is gaining popularity, more and more people are moving towards eco-friendly products. This has given a major boost to shopping bags printing. Shopping bags consist a major part of the shopping experience and packaging process. Numerous eminent brands are heading towards shopping bags printing and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Air Pillows of Recycled Stuff

Another eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative in line is inflatable air pillows. Air pillows can be used effectively for filling voids in shipment boxes as well as for providing cushioning around packed products. Air pillows can be procured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They are basically little bags that can be inflated, and therefore, while being used as a packaging ingredient, do not add any weight to the shipment (as they consist primarily of air).

They are biodegradable and can be reused and recycled. While purchasing air pillows make sure that they are purely made of recycled stuff. This will ensure their biodegradability.

Organic Fabrics

Plastic bags have played a crucial role in impacting the environment. The majority of the businesses even today use plastic bags which results in degrading and polluting the environment. Organic fabrics are an eco-friendly packaging alternative for reusable bags. There are several organic fabrics available including, organic or recycled cotton, hemp, tapioca, palm leaves, etc.

Organic fabrics, even if thrown out, take around 100 days to biodegrade in comparison to the long period of 10,000 years taken by plastic bags. And if you get a little creative these organic fabric shopping bags can be used efficiently in several other ways.

Eco-Friendly & Recycled Plastic

Sometimes, shipment requires a reliable and sturdy packaging material that isn’t going to break or cause any harm to the shipped items. While there are numerous other organic raw materials alternatives that can be used efficiently for cushioning filters, there are still instances where only plastic will help. You don’t need to cut back on your ecological footprint in such instances. There is plenty of availability of plastic shipping materials tools that consist of pure recycled plastic. You can make eco-friendly shipping materials your top choice for all your shipping needs.

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