Don’t Make These Cat-Care Mistakes

Are you new to cat ownership? Planning on adopting a feline friend in the near future? It’s up to you to make sure they stay happy and healthy! You’ll want to make sure you don’t make the most common cat-owner mistakes. Here, your veterinarian Webster, NY tells you what to avoid:


Far too many cat owners give their pets too much food at mealtime. Free-feeding is also a problem; it’s when you leave food out for your cat at all times. These methods are sure paths to obesity. It’s a far better idea to give your cat a measured portion amount at scheduled meal times. Ask your veterinary clinic Webster, NY for advice.

Not cleaning the litter box often enough.

Your cat’s litter box ought to be scooped out every day, and the litter should be changed entirely about once a week or so. This ensures that things stay fresh and clean. Many cats refuse to use their bathroom if it’s not cleaned often enough! Ask your vet Webster, NY for a recommendation on a litter type that suits your pet.

Not providing stimulation.

Cats that mope around all day, tired and bored aren’t properly stimulated. It’s important to keep your pet’s body and mind working! Provide them with plenty of toys, and try scratching posts or cat jungle gyms to let them play, even when you’re not home. You might even try using a bit of catnip to spice things up. Ask your veterinarians Webster, NY for more tips.

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Leaving windows open.

During the warmer months, we might open windows or doors to let the warm breeze in. Just make sure that any opening has a sturdy screen. Your cat might enjoy lounging by an open window, but she could fall out, or escape! Keep your home secure to make sure your cat doesn’t have an accident. Talk to your vets Webster, NY for further advice.

It’s also a good idea to have your cat identified using a microchip and ID tags on her collar. These items are lifesavers if your cat ever manages to escape or gets lost. If your cat is in need of these identification measures, call your animal hospital Webster, NY today. We can help!

Failing to vaccinate and provide pest preventatives.

Think that cats don’t need vaccinations and pest-control medications? Think again. Preventatives aren’t just for our canine friends. Your cat could be exposed to harmful diseases or parasites, too, even if they don’t go outdoors. Set up an appointment at your pet clinic Webster, NY if your cat needs vaccines or pest preventatives. There’s no time to waste!

Not seeing the vet.

Regular veterinary visits are just as important for your feline friend as they are for any other pet. When your vet clinic Webster, NY sees your cat regularly, he or she can monitor their health over time. This allows any concerns to be caught and treated early before they get any worse. Schedule your cat’s next appointment today.

Your veterinarian Webster, NY is here to help with all of your cat’s most important care needs. Give the office a call to speak to the cat-care professionals.

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