Don’t Ignore Your Cat’s Bad Breath

So your precious Fluffy saunters up to you and lovingly opens their mouth to purr, and then you catch a whiff of their unpleasant breath. While it’s unrealistic to expect a cat to have fresh or odorless breath, constant bad breath is a troubling sign. It could be halitosis or chronic bad breath. Regardless of what it is, you should consider taking your cat to see a vet care center Rochester, NY. This will diagnose any potential underlying health conditions.

You might think your cat’s breath simply comes from what it eats, but it’s deeper and much more complex than that. Without further ado, and before you take your cat to a veterinarian Rochester, NY to explore the problem, let’s examine common causes of a cat’s bad breath.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is one of the main causes of bad breath in cats. It is sometimes accompanied by mouth sores and mouth ulcers. Carefully check the inside of your cat’s mouth, everywhere from their tongue, to their gums, to the inside lining of their cheeks. If you notice any strange bumps, sores or abnormalities, this could very well be a sign of periodontal disease. Make an appointment at your local vet Rochester, NY to further investigate it.

Food stuck between teeth

We as humans tend to get food stuck between our teeth after we eat meals. When this food remains stuck there and not removed, it can cause a bad odor to begin emanating from the mouth. If your cat has bad breath, check to see if they have food stuck in between their teeth, or under their gums. You can either buy cat-friendly floss products that help remove food from their teeth. Or you can take Fluffy to an animal care hospital Rochester, NY and let the staff work their magic in your cat’s mouth.

Other symptoms

It’s one thing if your cat has bad breath, but it’s another if they have bad breath in conjunction with other symptoms. If you notice other symptoms like excessive thirst, sudden weight loss, lack or reduced appetite or vomiting, you might be looking at something serious. Take your cat to the nearest veterinary clinic Rochester, NY.

Brush your cat’s teeth

Your cat may not have any serious underlying health conditions at all. It may just be that you need to brush their teeth daily. When you brush your cat’s teeth daily, it removes plaque, which is important because plaque can thicken and harden. This in turn can cause gingivitis and swollen gums. It can also cause bone and tissue loss. If you want more information on the importance of brushing your cat’s teeth, be sure to ask the staff on your visit to a pet clinic Rochester, NY.

Foods They Eat

Another common reason why your cat may have bad breath is due to the food that they eat. Whenever we humans eat foods like garlic, it tends to affect the way our breath smells. So it’s the same logic for cats; if they’ve recently eaten something that has a strong odor, expect it to affect how their breath smells. However if the bad breath is a constant thing, then don’t hesitate to take them to a vets Rochester, NY.

There are various other reasons why your cat may have unpleasant breath. Ask your veterinarians Rochester, NY for more details.

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