Do Used Toyota Engines Hold Value?

Toyota.jpgMost engine buyers look for a used engine for sale because their last one gave out or there are some major upgrades by the automaker which lure them to buy a replacement unit. Either way, its primary concern is whether the engine will hold its value. Most people rely on the resale value of the engine before purchasing it to make sure they are optimally utilizing their money.

So, if you’re a Toyota owner, looking for a replacement used Toyota engine for sale that offers value for its price, this blog will assure you of the same.

Toyota engines can even yield you good resale value even if you decide to flip them after you’re done using them. An average Toyota engine holds about 68% of its value after 5 years of ownership.

Have a look at all the reasons that make the used Toyota engine valuable.

 Long-Lasting Engines

All of us know, that a Toyota can last over 500,000 miles easily if maintained properly throughout its life. For the skeptical crown, used Toyota’s engines are too good to be true. But the decades-long report card of their reliability proves that they actually are.

Even if you are not obsessed with maintaining your Toyota properly, you can surely expect a life of 200,000 miles without any struggle or difficulty.

 Trust & Reliability

Toyota vehicles are trusted by armies across the world as various armed forces have Toyota vehicles driving them in difficult terrains. The reason is that Toyota engines are made to deliver great performance with extreme reliability.

An engine that’s trusted by the army is definitely valuable and will hold its worth. Toyota is the other name for trust & reliability in the automotive market world.

 High First-Hand Prices

Another major factor why Toyota holds its value even in the case of used Toyota engines is that their ex-showroom prices keep increasing consistently. So, if a person has the option to either spend a hundred thousand dollars on purchasing a new Toyota or buy a used one that offers the nearly same performance but for a way, less price, the majority of potential buyers turn their heads towards the used car market. There they would get the same product at a cheaper price.

 Long Ownership Periods

Most Toyota customers buy their cars to use them for long periods. As a result, only a few engines and other auto parts end up in junkyards because the owner decided to move on from the car. This means that the Toyota engines available in the used car market are functional units that were made to last. So, if you consider a used Toyota engine from the junkyards, you can still rest assured that the engine is good enough to stick with you for another decade.

 Spare Part Availability

One of the many aspects determining the value of a vehicle is the availability of spare parts. If a vehicle’s spare parts are not easily accessible, it impacts the value of the vehicle and its subsequent parts.

So, if an automaker does not have good spare part availability, despite the quality, the used engines won’t be as valuable as one that has it.

In the case of Toyota engines, one doesn’t have to worry about spare parts. No matter how old your Toyota is, you will easily find and continue to get spare parts for your dear vehicle. Even if you have a 12-13-year-old Toyota SUV, you will not have to suffer for any kind of spare part availability.

 A winner with drivers

The high resale value of the used Toyota engine is also because they’re incredibly popular among drivers. Whether it’s a high performance, handling, off-road capability, or capacity, the simple fact is that drivers love Toyota engines. Good quality used engines in the most popular ranges, and as long as the condition is good, the seekers will keep buying used Toyotas.

 Build quality – Toyota’s reputation for excellence

We’ve mentioned build quality a couple of times, and it is an important factor in the higher resale value of any used engine, including Toyotas.

Second-hand engines can suffer from the usual dings and everyday wear & tear, but the rule for any engine, including Toyotas, is the better the condition, the higher the resale value.

The condition of engines under the hood matters too. Toyota’s reliable engines rarely need any additional maintenance outside of the usual periodic services.

A full-service history and good condition also maximize the value of a used engine. The provenance of used engines has a huge influence on their resale value.


Though the condition of a car depends upon each particular owner. Reliable brands like Toyota gain their reputation by producing engines that last. Some engines hold up under normal wear and tear better than others.

Toyota engines stay out of the shop longer than most other brands on the market today. The less a car has been to the shop for reasons outside routine maintenance, the more likely it is to retain a good value.


Toyota is an established brand in the automotive industry. It is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world and has earned its reputation as a market leader in the industry. That’s why, whenever one goes to buy a new Toyota vehicle or auto part, there is minimal speculation.


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