Digitization in school education in india

The nature of both the term “Education” & “Digitization” is the same. Both can never stop, they are always work in progress. Infusing both will create a huge impact in India, which is a growing tech-savvy country. Digitization in every sector left no option for the education system to adopt & to keep pace with the competitive world. Education is the beginning of everything & in the era of the Internet of Everything(IoE), it must adopt the internet, technology & innovation to speed up India’s growth in multifold.

Computer-Aided Learning Programmes (CALPs) were introduced in the 1990s and successive governments at the Centre and in the States launched schemes to promote digitalization in school education. One of the earliest examples was the Headstart project that was launched in November 2000 under the Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission to familiarise school children in rural areas with Information and Communication Technologies. The present government is also set to provide tablets to thousands of Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country for teaching Maths and Science.

The education system comprises of two main units,


2. Administration.

Digitization has already been implemented in academics. With the advancement of eLearning technology, the academic syllabus doesn’t seem to be a nightmare now but it’s fun to learn. Now it’s time for the administrative unit needs to be digitized. To improve the quality of education, educators must only focus on education. But with the growing administrative work, the faculty’s time’s only 50-60% is effective for teaching. Managing students’ syllabus, assignments, examination scorecards is cumbersome & time-consuming to manage. Automation & digitization are the prime requirements to enhance education quality. With the increase in crime rates, parents are more worried about their kid’s safety as well as their studies because still there is a communication gap between schools & parents. Every parent wants the best & won’t averse to paying little extra for the betterment of their kids. But the schools & every education system needs to take initiative. So the whole education system needs to be dynamic with the implementation of proper cloud-based software which can save a huge buck by providing a connected learning process. Adopting software will definitely bridge the communication gap between the 3 pillars of education –  student, teacher & parents which not only allows them to track course, assignment work progress but also digitizing the examination process can help parents to keep track of students’ performance. Teachers can save their time from setting up complicated exams. The complete life cycle of students/teachers can be automated by adopting effective cloud-based technology. In schools & colleges libraries are the greatest asset but managing them & keeping track of books on registers is not only time-consuming but also human error prone. This whole system can be automated with technology which in turn reduces book theft as well as maintains effective book circulation between students.

Last but not the least, high dropouts & low attendance are also increasing day by day. Digitization of education,  can make students more involved & connected to education. For more info please visit here.

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