Dealing with Misbehaving Dogs

You get home after a long day to find that your dog has ripped up the couch cushions and chewed up your shoes. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario with mischievous dogs that many have faced. The good news is that with some practice, bad behavior by dogs can be curbed. Here are some ways for you to deal with misbehaving dogs, courtesy of a local vet New Orleans, LA.

Routine, Routine, Routine

First, set up a consistent routine that addresses all of your dog’s needs. This routine should include playing/training, exercising, sleeping and socially bonding. Keep a close eye on your dog until he knows where he’s not allowed to relieve himself and not allowed to chew. When you walk him, keep him on a long, lightweight leash as a way of training him to not wander off. If you need more tips on eliminating bad behavior from your dog, ask a veterinarian New Orleans, LA.

Forms of Discipline

Punishment is not an effective method of correcting misbehavior by your dog. Instead, put your dog in situations where he can practice doing the right thing. If you see your dog doing the wrong thing, a sharp “no” while the dog is in the midst of committing the act will work. Once the dog is distracted by your voice, you can then redirect him towards acceptable behavior. A local vet New Orleans, LA will know even more ways to discipline your dog, so be sure to ask them.

It’s very important to realize that how you choose to discipline a dog for misbehaving will stick with them in the future. The younger the dog is, the more impressionable it is. So yelling and screaming will end up making the dog scared. If you have any more questions about ways to effectively discipline your dog, there’s an animal hospital New Orleans, LA that’s ready to help.

Head Collar

A head collar is one of the best and most effective ways to safely interrupt bad behavior by your dog. The collar allows the dog to be closely supervised from a long distance, as you can leave a long leash fastened to the head halter. A firm, quick tug on the leash can be employed to put an immediate stop to misbehavior like barking, jumping, stealing food, etc. This way you’ll have gentle but firm control of the dog. Ask a staff member at a veterinary clinic New Orleans, LA if they have tips on a particular head collar for your dog.


Chew toys can be used as a way to entice your dog into engaging in positive behavior. Find particular toys that your dog has taken a liking to, and then place the toys in an inviting part of the house. This will steer the dog clear of areas of the house you don’t want him in. A pet clinic New Orleans, LA can tell you where to find the best chew toys for dogs.

There are numerous effective ways to discipline your dog, but it all starts with you, the owner. Make an appointment with a nearby vet clinic New Orleans, LA to discuss the best ways to improve your dog’s behavior.

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