De-Stress With Deep Tissue Massage

Everyone loves a good massage. 

A professional massage is a gateway to destressing. So, have you considered treating yourself with a soothing deep tissue massage?

Many research studies have concluded that massage therapies effectively treat common health issues like back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, and mental health issues like stress and anxiety. 

Deep Tissue massage in Auckland is a therapeutic treatment. It targets deep muscle tissues and muscle tension build-up due to consistent stress and poor exercise patterns. 

The main difference between other relaxing massages and deep tissue massage is that it requires more pressure. 

That is why, before you begin, always remember to do proper research on the therapy side effects and look for a certified and experienced massage therapist. 

Failing to perform a proper lower back deep tissue massage can result in injury instead of relief. It is also vital to trust the therapist and relax during the process. 

There are certain benefits of this massage therapy. Let us see what some of them are.

Various studies have found that deep tissue massage can significantly help relieve consistent lower and upper back pain. 

Other than that, scarring is a natural healing process of the body. Although scars are usually found on external or healed wounds, they can also happen inside the body due to a muscle or ligament injury.

Deep tissue massage can effectively break down both internal and external tissues of scars and, in turn, ensure faster muscle recovery. 

Athletes are also at a higher risk of injury or muscle pain due to constant physical activity. This therapeutic massage helps reduce muscle tension, and it also helps in improving blood circulation. 

Remedial massage in Auckland is also an excellent option to try. 

Lastly, deep tissue massage can help pregnant women deal with labour pains effectively. 


Women receiving massage therapies during pregnancy are at lower risk of developing depression, stress or anxiety symptoms caused due to hormonal imbalance. 

At Healthcure Massage, we offer many other massages such as hot stone, aromatic, relaxation, sports, seated, and much more. 

If you feel deep tissue massage is not for you, you can go for other massage therapies that provide similar benefits. Therapies like a sensual massage in east Auckland are great for spending a good time with your partner. 

Find relief from the consistent pain, build-up of tension, and muscle overuse. 

Our Deep tissue massage therapy in Botany applies intense pressure and slow strokes to reach and ease the soreness of muscles and the connective tissue around them. 

The deep tissue massage done by Healthcure Massage Botany is focused on relieving chronic pain through trigger point therapy. 

This massage has various benefits- it loosens the scar tissue and lengthens and relaxes the muscles.

Searching for “deep tissue massage near me?” 

At Healthcure Massage Botany, we offer various types of massages done by skilled professionals. 

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