Can a Listing Agreement Be Terminated if the House Stays on the Market Too Long?

A real estate agent can be a huge help when you’re looking to sell a house fast in Pensacola. An experienced realtor will take care of listing, marketing, and negotiating with buyers, and they’ll help you receive top dollar for your home.

But what happens if your home doesn’t sell? What happens if your realtor is more interested in their commission than answering your questions? What if you’ve changed your mind and you’d now prefer to work with a different agent? Or what happens if you sell your home directly to a trusted cash home buyer in Pensacola? Can you terminate the listing agreement, or are you bound by law to retain the agent until your home sells?

For answers to all these questions, continue reading. We’ll tell you all you need to know about canceling listing agreements.

Can You Cancel a Listing Agreement?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is that it depends on your contract. Getting out of some agreements can be challenging.

The listing agreement you signed with the realtor is a legal contract, and it comes with a start date, an end date, and other conditions. If you’re considering terminating the agreement, the first step is to reread it thoroughly. Look for terms like “termination” or “cancellation.” Understand the conditions related to premature termination. Generally, you can close a contract without penalty if both the parties involved (you and the agent) agree to cancel it.

If your real estate agent agrees to terminate the contract, the process is generally straightforward. You may have to reimburse the realtor for any expenses, like taking professional photos of your home, online advertising, and staging.

What if Your Realtor Doesn’t Agree?

This one’s a bit complicated. For example, let’s say you aren’t satisfied with the performance of your current realtor and you want to work with another realtor who has got rave ratings from Pensacola home sellers. Let’s suppose your home sells immediately after listing with the new realtor. In that case, your previous real estate agent could claim that you have to pay the commissions to them since they haven’t yet released you from the contract. In this case, you could have to pay brokerage fees to two realtors, causing you to lose a massive chunk of your profit.

What to Do if Your Realtor Doesn’t Agree to Terminate the Listing Early

First, communicate with the realtor. Let them know the reason why you’ve changed your mind. Perhaps you no longer want to sell your home or you’d like to sell the property as is (without any repairs) to a cash buyer. Explain your financial situation to your realtor and see if you can work out an agreement.

Remember, home sellers often change their decisions due to financial circumstances that are beyond their control. So, it pays to discuss things with your realtor, as you may be able to come to a gentleman’s agreement without complicating matters.

Even though the realtor may agree to terminate the listing early, you might have to pay penalties or reimbursement fees for their efforts.

See if you can get your realtor to agree to a conditional termination. A conditional termination is when you decide to terminate the listing immediately but also agree in writing that you won’t relist the property with another realtor until the end of the original agreement. In such cases, you have to wait for some time before selling your home.

It’s Okay to Get Out of a Listing Agreement

Clients terminating listing agreements is more common than you may think. Sometimes, an agent won’t work to their client’s benefit. Or the client may no longer wish to sell the house. Whatever the situation, make sure you handle things professionally and work with your realtor to terminate the contract smoothly without tempers flaring up on both sides.

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