Business Continuity: Technology response to COVID-19


Business continuity

During this challenging times of the pandemic our staffs are 24/7 active to help our clients across the globe running their business operations smoothly from laptops, tablets or mobile seamlessly ensuring their business stay operational and productive at the same time maintaining social distancing. No doubt every industries are impacted by this pandemic but the brighter side is, there is much more we can do with adopting technology to fight COVID-19 together. Our team is dedicatedly working to help small and medium scale businesses to keep them operational and productive from every possible every front. Our business continuity services for the small and medium scale businesses covers end-to-end digital solution which covers infrastructure, cloud, employee, business, communication and operations ensuring continuity of operations. Let’s take a look in each of these in details.

Cloud Infrastructure

For working from home, requires employees to access critical business applications outside the traditional boundaries of your network. This will lead to the need to a more complex new cloud environment demands fast, dependable networks that are up to the job. We ensure that business doesn’t miss a beat by providing dependable Cloud Environment working along with popular cloud providers like AWS, Azure, etc thus enabling employees to stay productive from the safety of their homes.

Staff Productivity

Working from home can be highly productive, but it can also go badly wrong without a proper working environment, a prioritised schedule, and on-the-spot supervision, it’s all too easy to be distracted, and to get very little done. With proper Business Management and Productivity Tools, we empower your staff to be more productive while at the same time staying safe. AI/ML powered Performance Evaluation tools help your manager analyse the performance of staffs while maintaining their peace of mind.

Cloud Accounting

Accounting can be stressful in these limited resource times, while business seek new frontiers. Old style of work does not fit the bill. Today Accounts on Cloud is helping business stay float with dynamic reports being available to all the stakeholders without any wait. Collaborate with book keepers, accountant, purchase and sales on a single platform. During this critical time intelligent Ledgers and 100’s of readily available reports help you take a realtime profit driven decisions.

Collaborative Work Environment

Empowering  teams with collaboration software that brings together people and the resources they need at one place, staying in line with the situational requirement.

Desperate time needs difficult decisions, the time for digital enterprise is now. Covid-19 caused this work from home, but you can take the benefits of that by digitally enabling your business and your staffs to evolve using the best of what technology can offer. Let’s discuss together how we can overcome this situation together with rightly employing technology at right place.

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