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The act of breathing is not just a movement of the human body; it comes as a sign of life, focuses the mind on itself, and in the case of some people, can allow them to enter into the powers that move them far more than most people can do. And in the case of these two soldiers, it serves as a way to kill those who used to live like any other human.” Jonathan Joestar, The Hamon-Wielding Gentlemen from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Tanjiro Kamado, the water breathing warrior of the Demon Slayer. The two sword wielders shine an example of kindness even in battle and are skilled in their ability to breathe with weapons, but only one person can survive. With their stories and lives, it’s time to see who among these two will still breathe in the end.

Tanjiro Kamado was born in the mountains during the Taisho period in Japan (July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926). At one time, Tanjiro’s father died, as Tanjiro is the eldest among his siblings, Tanjiro had to earn money for his family by selling coal in a nearby village. One day, heavy rain prevented Tanjro from returning, forcing him to sleep elsewhere before dawn. However, the next day, Tanjiro returned home to find his mother and siblings brutally killed by a stranger.

The only survivor of the attack was his younger sister Nzuko who unfortunately became a demon. They are soon attacked by the Demon Slayer Corps’ Water Hashira Gyu, whose mission is to kill Nzuko. However, he escaped the meeting alive when it was revealed that he still retained some of his humanity and was protecting his older brother. After Earth, he sent Tanjiro to be trained as a demon slayer by former Water Hashira Sakonji.

Tanjiro will use his training in the Aquatic Breathing Style to pass the Final Selection and become the perfect Demon Slayer. At some point in his career, Tanjiro will get to know the demon who killed his family, Muzan Kibutsuji (aka Demon Michael Jackson).

In addition, Tanjiro was given the personal task of collecting the blood of Muzan’s twelve children, Kizuki, for a potential cure that could restore Nezuko to human status. Eventually, Tanjiro will discover the Hinokami Kagura that his late father taught him. With this new knowledge and his goal in mind, Tanjiro is determined to defeat Muzan and return Nzuko to human status.

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