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10 things you notice when traveling in your 30s

What a difference a decade makes. Especially when you are traveling. Put on your backpack in your 30s and you have a completely different priority list than you had in your 20s. Your approach to accommodation, food, shopping, schedules, and even packaging changes.

That said, the only thing that will stay consistent is your booking style. Finding a cheap flight is always a priority. So head over to, find this great deal, and see if you can relate to those things you notice when traveling in your 30s.

Menu choices get a little more exciting

Your budget tends to be a bit bigger when you’re traveling in your 30s, so your evening meals aren’t limited to plain sandwiches, cooked in the hostel’s kitchen, or the other half of the Subway sandwich. afoot you had for lunch. You can now browse Trip Advisor for ideas on where to dine, and it’s the content rather than the costs on the menu that will ultimately inform your restaurant choices.

In your twenties, sunrises were usually only enjoyed on the way home from a night out. In your 30s, you’re more likely to set off an alarm and get up before dawn so you can do that sunrise hike, attend that early morning yoga session on the beach, or take that 6 am kayak. Morning to see the jungle animals at their most active.

Private rooms are a must

Reach your 30s and the time of sharing a room with 15 strangers is over. You refuse to sleep like the Waltons, especially when the majority of people in the dorms are too young to remember the Waltons in the first place. You are looking for comfortable hotel rooms and nice amenities. And you are okay with that.

Your memories weigh you down a little more

Having a bigger budget in your 30s means you have the opportunity to buy more than just a magnet at the local craft market. This meter-wide canvas painting of a Cuban Cadillac would look great in your living room, wouldn’t it? Who doesn’t need a didgeridoo? No, they don’t fit in your backpack, but they can be shipped to you, right? Alternatively, you can just buy another bag.

Your backpack is really practical

You hate to admit it now, but when you backpacked in your twenties your bag was full of awkward items like high heels and hair straighteners. Today you have learned to pack your bags like a sailor. You have a first aid kit that rivals the Red Cross, plus enough wet wipes and anti-bin hand gel to get you through your quarantine.

You will learn how to get out of the guide

In your 20s, you have FOMO – the fear of missing out. So you always felt like you had to visit every attraction mentioned in the guide. In your thirties, you are more relaxed about things. You know what you like and you know what you don’t have. Fortunately, you’ll divert Boring, Oregon to somewhere, well, less boring. And you will say no to this museum of canned sardines in Norway with no regrets.

Adventure travel will get a little more luxury

Travel in your 30s and you have the budget to add a touch of luxury to the activities you do while on the go. Why take a walk in the Grand Canyon if you can take a helicopter ride over it? Why hire u

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