Best Off Page Techniques 2021

Everyone wants to Rank their Website or Blog in Top Search on Google And On Bing. But Didn't Know How To Rank on Google. There
are 2 ways by which you can rank your website or blog in Top Search. These are On Page Seo And Off Page Seo.

On Page Seo: On Page Seo is related to your own website. Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Tags, Sitemap Submission And Website Speed.
Everyone Do On Page Seo Correctly But Do Not Know That On Page is only 20-30 of Total Seo. So With Only On Page Seo You can't Rank Your Website or pages in top search.

Off Page Seo: Off Page Seo is nothing but backlinks. Getting A Link To Your Site from Other's Website is Backlink. In Other words, Getting
Reference From Many Other Websites, You can Rank Your Blog or Website High on Google and on Bing Too. Getting Link is easy but You have to get
Do Follow backlink from other site to get link juice other wise no follow backlink is not of that value.

Ex You Have A Lyrics Website, Name Song Lyrics King:

Do Follow Backlink: <a href="Website Url" rel="dofollow">Song Lyrics King</a> 
No Follow Backlink: <a href="Website Url" rel="nofollow">Keyword</a> 

Now Lets Discuss Top 5 Best Off Page Techniques 2021 You Should Use in 2021.

1) Web 2.0 Submission : With regards to characterizing web 2.0. the term means such web applications which permit sharing and joint effort freedoms to individuals and 
assist them with putting themselves out there on the web.

In Other Words Web 2.0 Submission is creating other free blogs that give backlink to the main blog. These are copy of the main Blog. You can give different name to web 2.0 blog or same, it is your choice.
There are Various web 2.0 submission websites available such as Weebly, Wix Website. On These Websites You can create Your Web 2.0 for Free.

2) Social Bookmarking : Social bookmarking is an online assistance which permits clients to add, explain, alter, and share bookmarks of web records. 
In Other Words Social Bookmarking is just like bookmarking web pages on browser but with a difference that you can access your favorite links from anywhere around the world.

With Social Bookmarking Website You can add your link to that site, and if you are not at home or anywhere outside in your country or somewhere else and you dont have your pc than you can also
access your favorite web pages from the bookmarking site where you have bookmarked your links.

Ex: You can check Social Bookmarking Site Where You can Bookmark your Links.

3) Business Listing: It is the process of registering or showcasing your business on multiple websites, from which users can find you easily. You Have to mention your business in
exact categories, so that more users can reach you or contact you And In Turns it increases your leads. 
Business Listing Now a Days is also one of the main technique of getting leads for business without paying a penny for your promotion.  

4) Commenting : Everyone Loves Commenting on Social Media, But It can also Drive traffic to your blog or website, if you comment on your related niches or blog.
May Be Some Of Your Competitors Visit Your Site Or Users Who Have Same Interest Visit Your Site. Commenting is easy and fast also.

Thus With Commenting, Not Only you get Backlink TO Your Site, But Also It Brings Traffic To Your Web Pages in an easy way. But Remember One Thing, Comment on Related Niches
And Add Some, Good Or Real Response in Comment Section, otherwise, your comment will not be approved. 

5) Article Submission : In 2021, Article Submission is The No 1 Off Page SEO Technique, that You have to used for your blog. With Article Submission, Not Only You rank easily 
but also by reading your article, user have positive image too for your business or blog. Your Article Must be Good, Related To The Need of The Customers.

Many Users create Spam Meaningless Articles And Post Them To Rank High. But That Will Not Benefit You. You Have To Write Something That is Of Users Need, What Users are Searching
For. Than Only, It Will Benefit You And Create A Good Impact on Your Real Users.

There Are Many Article Submission Websites Available Where You Have To Register And Can Post Articles after Than.

Ex. My Article Adda - Free Article Submission Website. Article Submission is very easy on this Website.

These are The 5 Top Techniques That You Should Use To Rank Use Website Or Blog High in Google and On Bing. One More Thing Left in SEO is patience.
You can't Expect That Today You Created Your Backlink And Tomorrow or From Same Day You Will Rank High Automatically. You have to be wait Till Your 
Backlinks And Post Or Page Get Indexed And After Indexing If Your Content is Good Also, You will rank automatically High. Otherwise Backlink, will not
work for You. Higher No of Backlinks Do Not Means That You will rank high, your content should be good too, website should be fast and it should be write in a proper manner.
More The Watch Time on your Post or Pages, means your content is good and it will rank high automatically on Google Search Results or You can be on First Page. 

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