Best E-mail Marketing

                                                       EMAIL MARKETING TIPS TO GET YOU STARTED

1. Create an email marketing plan:
To make the planning part easier, we’ve highlighted some best practices you’ll want to consider when devising a strategy for your email marketing.
*Define your audience
*Signup sources
*Segments and groups
*Decide what to write
*Establish your sending frequency and goals and
*Make a schedule

2. Design your emails:
Design tips- Focus on your message and keep your design straightforward. 
Code your own templates- You have the option to code your own HTML template and import.

3. Test your emails:
Test in different email clients and ISPs
Send test emails to friends and coworkers
Find the best version with A/B Testing campaigns

4. What you can do with marketing automation:
Automation helps you streamline your communications with customers. From a welcome email series to follow up emails after a purchase to rewarding your customers.

5. Measure your performance:
Opens and clicks- These are the most obvious statistics for measuring campaign engagement
E-commerce data-  E-commerce link tracking for your campaigns, you can view purchase data for your subscribers in campaign reports, 
Website traffic- The campaigns you send can help you direct more traffic to your website or online store.

                                               WAYS WHY EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDES VALUE FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS

*Email marketing increases company revenue
*Email drives more traffic to your company website
*Email marketing can improve sales conversions
*Email helps you improve brand awareness
*Email Integrates Well With Other Tactics

                                                      EMAIL MARKETING HAS MORE FEATURES

1.Email Marketing Is Affordable 
2.Businesses Achieve High Email Marketing ROI
3.Email marketing increases company revenue
4.Email drives more traffic to your company website
5.Email marketing can improve sales conversions
6.Email helps you improve brand awareness
7.Email Integrates Well With Other Tactics


                                                     HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS?

1. Create and verify your Google Business Profile: Your Google Business Profile (Google's term for your Google listing) is what allows your business to show up in Google Maps results.

2. Get a website: Every business needs a website, no matter how old-fashioned your business or clients may be. 

3. Implement search engine optimization: most accurate and quality results for searchers, optimizing for search engines is really just optimizing for searchers—particularly those searching for what you have to offer.

4. Create a business blog:  A blog is not LiveJournal for businesses. You can create some posts about milestones and events, but a lucrative business blog.

5. Share your content: Genuine desire to help your audience is the perfect promotional tool for a business.
6. Run Google Ads: Google Ads is the way to go. Google Ads ads show up at the very top of search engine results pages, above organic and local listings. 

7. Create listings on the major directories: Begin showing up on smaller directories automatically. Creating listings on the major sites.

8. Optimize your listings: By filling out every field in your profiles, adding photos, and collecting reviews. you can improve the appeal of your business and rank above competitors in searches. Important to make sure your information in all of your listings is consistent.

9. Get online customer reviews:  Reviews are so important for small and local businesses, they deserve their own section. Powerful way of promoting your business to the right people. 

10. Monitor and respond to reviews: Many online directories allow anyone to add a listing. Make sure to claim your listings wherever possible, and monitor these sites frequently.

                                                    EMAIL MARKETING BEST PRACTICES 

1. Send Welcome Emails:
*The welcome email is the single most effective message you can send.

2. Send Your Campaigns At The Right Time:
*Every email marketer wants their newsletter to be at the top of the inbox.

3. Pick The Right Email Frequency:
*Best practice is knowing how often you should contact your subscribers.

4. Pay Attention To Email Deliverability:
*Email deliverability is crucial to your campaign success.

5. Use A Memorable Sender Name:
*First, your sender name should be recognizable and memorable.

6. Test Your Email Subject Lines:
*50% of subscribers decide to open a message based on the subject line.

7. Test Your Emails Before Hitting Send:
*Let’s say you should test and preview your emails before each send.

8. Design Emails For Accessibility:
*It’s easy to forget you have a diverse audience.

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