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Las Vegas is a gorgeous city filled with luxurious condos that capture the eye with their impressive architecture and exquisite finishing. Turnberry Place is one such building available for those who want to experience an extravagant lifestyle. The apartments in the complex are luxurious and represent an essential part of the city’s real estate. An interesting aspect is that Vegas is a common destination for seniors who retire and decide to live in a quiet place where they can relax and enjoy all their spare time but also remain connected to the outside world, stay in touch with friends, and participate in age-appropriate events.

Vegas offers special attention to the seniors who decide to live here. This is how senior communities started to appear and develop rapidly, as elders are fond of living next to people who share the same hobbies and lifestyle. These settlements are designed with safety, comfort, and entertainment in mind so that retired seniors can enjoy their lives while having everything they need within reach. Most 55-plus communities in Las Vegas offer a handful of facilities that make the city highly appreciated by retirees. The warm weather, the abundance of activities available, and the tax-friendly management attract retired people from all over the country. Those looking to relocate to a senior-friendly area should consider Las Vegas if they want to improve their life significantly.

Reasons Why 55-Plus Communities in Las Vegas Are So Popular

Compared to other states, Nevada is much more affordable for seniors, mainly due to the lack of income taxes that would otherwise affect their budgets. Social Security and retirement accounts are also exempted from income taxes. Primarily, the cost of houses, transportation, and healthcare are lower. Food is also more affordable. Let’s look at all the other reasons that make 55-plus communities in Las Vegas so popular.

The Increasing Senior Population

Las Vegas is like a magnet for retirees interested in moving here with their families. The city’s senior population is growing much faster than the overall population. Over 20,000 retirees live here, and the number is expected to keep growing in the following years. The city is filled with attractions and activities specially designed for seniors, and the living cost is significantly smaller, without affecting life’s quality.

The Weather is Perfect

The warm weather is very appealing for retirees who don’t want to worry about being too warm or cold. The temperatures range from 80 degrees in the winter to over 100 degrees in the summer, ideal for seniors’ health. Also, the city is not very humid, which elders greatly appreciate. Overall, it’s a comfortable place to live all year round.

The Lack of State Income Tax

Financially speaking, the 55 plus communities are greatly advantaged by the lack of income taxes. Nevada doesn’t have state taxes for incomes, Social Security, or pensions, and the withdrawals from retirement accounts are not subject to taxation, so that seniors can save more money. Also, there are no estate or inheritance taxes.

Smaller Living Costs

Compared to other big cities like Los Angeles or New York, Las Vegas is more affordable for seniors living on pensions. Houses, transportation, healthcare, and food cost less in this part of the country.

Facilities of Retirement Communities for 55 Plus Retirees

Seniors who retire and move to Las Vegas can live in specially designed communities that include living units and facilities that contribute to the welfare of retirees. The main rule for living here is that the residents are 55 or above. In the case of families, only one of the spouses must exceed the age threshold, and children can also live with their parents even if they are over 18 years old.

The settlements include all the necessary institutions offering healthcare services, shops, restaurants, and entertainment amenities like social clubs, golf courses, beauty salons, or swimming pools. Transportation is very straightforward, as seniors can quickly run errands and manage daily activities without depending on anyone. Furthermore, all the 55-plus communities are located near public transportation stations and shopping centers to ensure commuting and daily activities are convenient for maximum independence and comfort.

Las Vegas is known for its famous casinos and intense nightlife, which are also highly appreciated by seniors. They like watching a show of their favorite band, listening to quality music in sophisticated diners, playing golf, or getting beauty treatments that help them look young and healthy. A little gambling never hurt anyone, so retirees can test their luck in extravagant casinos like The Venetian, The Bellagio, or Caesars Palace. Exotic restaurants, casual lounges, and unique nightclubs complete the list of entertainment attractions available for people of all ages.

Not only are the indoor locations greatly appreciated by 55-plus communities living in Las Vegas, but the outdoor scenery is equally impressive. Seniors can admire the landscapes, go hiking or rock climbing, or take a guided tour to visit the surroundings.

turnberry place las vegas

Turnberry Place Las Vegas, a Real-Estate Paradise

Turnberry Place is a renowned condominium complex available for sale or rent for anyone who wants to stay in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. People of all ages looking for a luxurious place to live can experience the extravagance of Turnberry Place Las Vegas. This high-rise community combines privacy, exclusivity, comfort, and convenience so that its residents can enjoy a high-end lifestyle. With fantastic views over canyons, lakes, and desert zones, the high-rise buildings of the complex offer apartments in one of the most exquisite areas.

Located between Lynn Encore and Sahara Resorts and just one block away from the famous Strip, the Turnberry Place community is the ideal place to call home. The complex includes four towers measuring 477 feet high each, with 38 stories that host 720 living units. The condominiums are luxurious, generous in size, and equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable life. Living here is only for some, as the prices range from $400,000 to $6 million, but it sure is an unforgettable experience.

The community includes multiple amenities like restaurants, bars, swimming pools, golf courses, fitness and spa centers, and beauty salons that only cater to the needs of residents. Both inside and outside, the buildings depict the renowned luxury of the city, boasting impressive architecture and being furnished with the most qualitative and modern materials and items. The campus is gate-protected and supervised around the clock, so the area is safe for its residents. Overall, Turnberry Place can seriously compete with other luxurious living units in Las Vegas, like the Trump Tower, offering its residents top-of-the-line services and facilities.

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