Benefits of marketing with explainer videos.

According to Animation Cowboy:

“Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if one is available”.

In modern times of YouTube and other video apps, people prefer to watch videos over reading an article whenever they search for something online.

Animated videos are a great way of explaining complex things in easy and creative ways. That’s why a Video Production Company is needed for this purpose especially when companies normally lack animation skills.

So, if you need help in marketing your products or services faster and reach more audiences in Delhi you will need to acquire a video production house in Delhi.

Now to determine whether to invest in animation besides other marketing strategies let’s discuss some of the benefits of using animated videos for marketing.

Benefit of marketing with explainer videos.jpgDecreased Competition

As we all know that competition keeps increasing every day with new updates in the market and new companies launching the same or similar types of products and services.

An explainer video from a good video production house in Delhi can help you stand out from other competitors by showcasing your uniqueness and specialty all over Delhi.

Animation can make it more interesting for the audiences to search and go through all the necessary information they were looking for besides getting to know how your products and services are beneficial for them.

Engages audience emotionally

Just like Cartoons are loved by children in a similar fashion good visual effects and creative animated videos are loved by everyone.

So, animated videos can help you engage with the audience in emotional and funny ways as well. Sometimes even sentimental videos are catchy for them and customers can relate to their problems.

The Video Production Company can help you in creating these types of videos while showing how your products or services are helpful and can be used as an effective solution to their problems.

Grows conversion rates

If you think that Video Production Company are responsible for only making animated videos for promotions of your products or services, then you’re completely wrong. Animated videos can act as a selling tool as well.

As the technology advancements increased more users need explanations of how to use it as well. For example, besides adding the list and benefits of products you can also ask a video production house in Delhi to add animated visuals for guiding customers about the process of purchase as well, for example, a direct link to your landing page and purchase buttons.

On the contrary, you can ask a Video Production house to make a separate video for explaining the whole process of purchasing all of your products and services in one go as well.

This will give your customers clarity on how things are done on your website and help them understand complex things in simpler ways with the help of creative art and visuals.

Improves ranking on Google

If you add creative and entertaining videos made by a good video production house in Delhi right from your homepage to other places, it’s highly likely that the audience will take time to engage in your website.

Also, the more time they spend on your webpage, the more it indicates that the content that you’re displaying is highly valuable. So, video content many a time behaves like an SEO tool as well.

This way Google will consider it important to add your website to a top position or rank seeing it as a valuable asset on the internet.

Helps in building Brand Image

When a website includes good visuals and graphics it’s automatically understood that their brand is of very high quality.

So, adding a good explanatory animated video will help your audience determine the level of quality and services you are providing.

A Video Production Company can help you make a good image of your brand especially if you’re new to the business. As we all know, only those businesses expand and grow whose reputation is good in the eyes of the viewers.

Gains Costumer’s trust easily

A well-defined video with great explanations by any video production house in Delhi will help the audience show how much you care for them.

It will help them engage with your brand on a personal level and the users will get involved with you very easily. It also helps in improving direct communication between your brand and users.

The more investment and time you spend connecting with your audience, the more loyalty you earn from them as videos can be helpful in sharing messages showing how much you care for your customers.

Increases availability on all screens

As we all know more and more users nowadays are adopting new technologies like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it is a necessity to provide your information in such a way it fits on all sizes of screens.

One way is to create videos because they are adjustable on all screens and people prefer them above reading materials.

So, a Video Production Company can help you create such video content that can be viewed everywhere very easily.

Better ROI

Investing less money in comparison to other ads and marketing strategies, an explainer video can be used as a powerful tool to yield good results.

So, a good Video Production Company can also assist you in saving your cost for marketing your products and services by any other means.


Now after going through the possible benefits or advantages of video content marketing, you should start looking for a good video production house in Delhi to incorporate explainer videos in your business as soon as possible.


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