Beginner’s Guide to Google My Business

With the thriving dependency on a single click that takes you on the road of infinite information from all over the globe, it has become a requisite for every business to expand and drive customer engagement on the technological front through a website or an application along with its ground existence.

‘Google My Business’ comes to the rescue for the local businesses to empower them with a free, manageable, and accessible forum to regulate their online presence.

Let us take you through a tiny tour of FAQ’s on ‘Google My Business

What is Google My Business? 

It is an affordable market tool available on the internet through which any business, small or big, can organize how they appear on the search tools of the internet like Google maps and google search. It enables you to maintain your business online and guide customers towards your products and services. It also assists the customers to reach you effortlessly by making your contact details and location available to them.

How to set up your business on Google My Business? 

To set up your account on Google My Business follow the following steps

  1. Visit this official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Now’ option and sign in, if you’re not already signed in. Make sure to sign in from the Google account which you want to be linked with your business.
  3. Set the name of your Business.
  4. Set the address and location of your Business. The option to hide your address is also available here.
  5. Categorize your business by choosing the category that best suits your business.
  6. Set your full Contact Details. Even though this is optional, it benefits your business more than you would fathom, and hence it is highly recommended. Adding your website also helps.
  7. Verification process –
  • Finishing and verifying your Business is the last step.
  • It does take a few days so keep your patience. While waiting you can finish your listing process.
  • The verification comes through a postcard, phone, or mail from Google along with a verification code on it.
  • Once you have the code with you, sign in again, click on Verify Location/Verify Now and then enter the 5-digit verification code.
  • Your listing is ready!

8. Optimize your business

9. Add all the requirements in the information section.

How does it benefit any business? 

a. Boosts interaction with customers – Makes every minor and major detail of your business available to the customers. It also receives and reacts to reviews made by the customers and helps in assessing customer feedback.

b. Strengthens the detailed presence of your business on Google – Helps you to upload and update your contact information, website, location, and latest updates of your products and services.

c. Attracts new clients – Google advertises through smart campaigns which further connects customers to your website. It also enhances the image of how your business looks online.

d. Maintenance of local results – Through google search engines and optimization techniques, the search results are tailored according to the customer’s desires, geographical location, and choices.

Why is ‘Google My Business’ important?

When a customer is searching to buy a product or service online they are mostly quite near to making a purchase. 90% of the customers compare businesses, products, and services online and then come to a decision. It is essential to create a platform that boosts your business and optimizes it to bring your potential clientele as near as possible to your business.

How much do we have to pay to sign up on Google My Business?

It is a tool available for anybody’s use and is free of charge. Although, there is one requirement to create your account on Google My Business which is that your business has to exist physically also apart from online existence.

 Additional benefits of Google My Business 

  • It offers you the opportunity to add vibrantly attractive cover photos to attract clients.
  • The reviews section is a two-fold benefit that works for you to enhance the quality of your products and services and encourages customers to buy your products and services by browsing through others’ experiences.
  • You can connect directly to your potential customers by posting regular updates.
  • You can also connect to various other developers and partners through advertising your business.

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