Bathroom Renovation Builders Who Will Revamp Your Bathrooms To Look Beautiful!

When it comes to affordable custom home builders, you have come to the right place

Bathrooms are an aspect of the home that can be made to look beautiful if they are done up in taste. Often people end up spending too much on the bathroom and it still does not quite match the expectations of the beauty quotient that you were looking for. 

Dracon Construction is a house building and renovation firm in Ballarat, that has been helping homeowners revamp their space with taste. 

Here are some ideas by the bathroom renovation builders in Ballarat, that will get your home looking just fabulous. 

Marble can be gorgeous! 

Have you ever dreamed of having one of those bathrooms that look like they are out of a fairytale? Well then, this may just come true with the marble bathrooms that our new home builders in Ballarat are offering. 

These make for elegant and dream-like designs and what’s the best part is that they can be cleaned just as easily!

Travertine and stone make for some warm tones!

The bathroom renovation builders have discovered that having travertine panels on the walls and stone floors can really create some warm comfortable tones in the bathroom. These not only lend to a beautiful design but can also make the space feel cosy like it is meant to be. 

A soaking tub instead of a bathtub

The great part about having your home renovated by affordable custom home builders is that you can experiment! Instead of a bathtub that is pretty common, why don’t you go in for a Japanese soaking tub? This is a wooden tub that instead of being one with the wall, is a separate entity. It makes for quite a good look. 

Vintage bathrooms are quite the rage 

New home builders in Ballarat are always at the ready with innovative ideas, designs, and what would make for beautiful patterns. Having a vintage bathroom would certainly set the style for an 18th-century experience, wouldn’t it? 

Why not experiment should be the idea here. 

Are you looking for home extension builders?

Dracon Construction is all about helping you find what you truly want in a dream home and seeing these ideas to fruition. A new home is exciting because you can do so much! Do not limit your ideas when it comes to renovating your new space. Instead, go all out and make it happen. 

The home extension builders will help you make the most of the space you have and still give it a palatial feel. Isn’t this a dream? With work from home being the new trend, homes need to play many roles, whether this is fitness, workspace, comfort or even a place to chill with friends. 

We have a bunch of ideas for how to make your home a glorious space. Are you excited?

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