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CDR (competency demonstration report) is considered a pathway through which one can migrate to Australia. It is an engineering document prepared by engineering candidates seeking a skilled migration visa or Australian PR. It is lodged to demonstrate one’s engineering abilities and knowledge in the nominated occupation. As it is a technical report, it is not easy to frame a high-quality report for migration skills assessment. The assessor Engineers Australia assesses this document to check candidates’ eligibility for the nominated occupation. Hence, one must put in lots of effort and sufficient time to prepare a compelling CDR.

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How to write a CDR report?

As you know, a CDR is a lengthy report; it consists of three elements such as three career episodes, a summary statement, and a CPD. Before or while writing, you must ponder different things such as proper projects, guidelines, procedures and patterns, and personal and academic documentation. So, it is a complex job to write a high-quality CDR on the very first attempt. You need to keep the following points in mind to prepare an excellent CDR report:

  • Prepare three career episodes focusing on your technical skills and knowledge in the preferred nominated occupation.
  • Write each narrative from different aspects of your engineering activities.
  • Provide documentary evidence of employment if your career episodes are based on work experiences.
  • Must write narratives in your own words and English to display the evidence of your communication skills to the assessor.
  • Consider numbering each of your career episodes as it is necessary to construct a summary statement.
  • Download a summary statement form according to your nominated occupation from the Engineers Australia website.
  • Prepare a CPD statement in a table format to show how you keep yourself updated with the development in the engineering field.

Reasons for availing CDR Help from AustraliaCDRHelp.com

By availing of CDR Writing Service, you can prepare an excellent CDR that helps you get EA’s attention for successful assessment. The complexity of this report puts students in trouble and forces them to avail of CDR Help from Australia CDR Help. On this platform, you find a professional CDR Writers Australia team to assist in writing such reports. The writers guide and support perfectly in framing an EA-acceptable report. They serve you with the best of their service to ensure your successful assessment by Engineers Australia.

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