Aqua One Fish Tank for the Well-Being of Your Fish

Aqua One fish tank

An aquarium without a filter is hard to imagine today, significantly when technology has evolved so much. There is not much to say about the role of the canister filter: it cleans the water, retaining impurities and often playing an essential role in oxygenating it and maintaining a chemical composition suitable for the demands of the fish. About the purchase options and the offer on the market, there is something more to discuss, and the information available below will help you choose the best option Aqua One fish tank filter for you.

Canister Filter Regarding the Type of Filtration

In any aquarium, it is necessary to carry out three types of filtration, which most of the time are in a direct relationship of interdependence: mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Any aquarium canister filter offers mechanical filtration: it is about the famous sponge – a mixture of synthetic fibers – through which the water is circulated so that the existing particles settle on its surface instead of floating freely through the water. Biological filtration is encouraged by increasing the oxygen concentration in the aquarium, which contributes to the creation of suitable living conditions for nitrifying bacteria, which consume ammonia and transform it into neutral compounds.

Finally, chemical filtration can be done naturally – the Aqua One fish tank creates an environment conducive to life for the beneficial bacteria – or, in some memorable moments, different compounds can be used. One of the options is to use a filter that contains a layer of active carbon that retains pollutants in the liquid. A particular case is the UV filter for the aquarium. In the case of these models, a UV lamp is incorporated inside the canister filter, which, over time, disinfects the water. It is a suitable device, especially for aquariums with a large capacity.

Type of Filters for an Aqua One Fish Tank

The type of filter is determined by the place where it is located. As you can guess, an external aquarium filter is located outside the Aqua One fish tank; the water is circulated through a system of tubes. It is quite voluminous and noisy, being preferred in the case of large containers. The filter for external aquarium, waterfall type, is often selected because it is affordable and adaptable. The operation is simple; a centrifugal pump collects water; once passed through the purification chamber, it is discharged back into the aquarium.

If the waterfall-type model is described as an external canister filter for the aquarium, cheap, the canister version is a bit more expensive. Still, it offers some indisputable advantages: it can be placed anywhere around the tank and is set in motion by a pump with separate tubing for dirty and purified water. Finally, the best-performing external filter model is the wet/dry one, in which filtration through the mixture of air and water encourages the maintenance of a higher oxygen level in the pool, promoting the development of beneficial bacteria.

Choose the Best Option for Your Fish

If you have a small or medium-sized Aqua One fish tank, an internal filter is sufficient, cheaper, and more practical. The product offers more freedom when placing the aquarium in the home, which is much quieter. The internal filter with a sponge is the simplest version available: its great advantage is that it allows the development of the biological remains taken over by the respective sponge, which any aquarium needs to maintain a healthy environment for fish. Its disadvantage is that the respective sponge is covered with a slime that no longer allows efficient filtering, so it must be cleaned.

The solution is to opt for a two-chamber canister filter, for which you can alternatively clean one of the filtering membranes. The internal filters arranged on the corner use a compressed air pump that pushes air to the bottom of the aquarium, which drives the dirt to the top, from where it is taken inside the filter. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean and is often available at a relatively low price. Finally, the internal substrate filter includes a plastic grill placed under the substrate at the bottom of the aquarium.

Working Capacity of a Tank Filter

You will find information about its working capacity on the packaging or in the presentation of any filter. You will be told what is the volume of the Aqua One fish tank for which it is suitable and what is the pumping capacity, also known as the flow rate. For the best performance, the working flow must be 3-4 times higher than the volume of the aquarium. Another element you must consider when choosing the working capacity of the canister filter that interests you is related to the density of fish that populate your aquarium. If their density increases, you will need a filter with a higher working capacity.

Is it Possible to Improvise a Home-Made Aquarium Filter?

Many enthusiasts wonder if building a homemade external filter for the Aqua One fish tank is possible. There are tutorials on YouTube that show you how an external filter can be made, at a meager cost, from a list of cheap and easy-to-buy materials to which the pump with the desired flow is added. However, even if, from a financial point of view, the solution is much cheaper than the cost of an external filter from an established manufacturer, it is difficult to say if the answer is good or just a possible source of problems.

Is an External Filter Indicated for a Second-Hand Aquarium?

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. A second-hand filter of any type can effectively contribute to the much faster cycling of the aquarium because it is most likely already colonized with the beneficial bacteria sought. The temptation to resort to this solution is all the more significant as the purchase price of a new external canister filter is substantial; it is money you would probably be happy to invest in something else. But, on the other hand, any second-hand filter could transmit microbes in your newly set aquarium that could make your fish sick.

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