An Introduction to Shelving Systems

As the modern life becomes more & more complicated and expensive, the amount of time and available space continues to dwindle. Therefore, the need to make the most out of you shop area has become extremely important. Shelve management systems, as a consequence of aforementioned, are considered an incredibly amazing away to arrange, stock up, organize and move things in shops, malls, offices, restaurants and many other retail & commercial establishments.

From books & gadgets to large appliances & heavy industrial products, shelve management systems not only help with better organization of belongings but also provide ample space to store a large number of things, thanks to impressive verticality and remarkable practically of this state-of-the-art shop fitting equipment.

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Types of Shelving

Wood shelving, the vintage method to shelving, involves shelves made from top quality wood, which is then polished and affixed into frames. You can find this kind of shop fitting equipment in many libraries across the globe, especially in environments where there is not much need to move things frequently. The traditional and classy look, durability and sturdiness makes them popular in conventional settings. However, the environmental impact from cutting trees, cost & availability of high-quality wood and the need for regular maintenance to prevent termite infestation has resulted in decline in their usage over the last few decades.

Shelve management systems made from plastic have also seen rise in sales in recent years. Plastic shelves are well suited for settings where display and storage of lightweight products is needed. They find great application in homes and commercial establishments where products are not very heavy. For instance, businesses like shoe stores, cosmetics shops, toy stores and wine shops have particularly benefited from this kind of shop fitting equipment. They are built from high quality plastic which makes them resistant to acidic spills from cleaning solutions & solvents. Plastic is also a non-conductive material, preventing electrical shocks and thereby, enabling a safer work or home environment. Plastic shelves can be quite elegant and versatile, enhancing appearance and functionality of your store. They are also extremely cost-effective and durable with maximum of five to six levels. As with most things plastic, storage of heavy products or mishandling can cause breakage and therefore, it is advisable to analyze your usage pattern before finalizing plastic shelves.

Wire or metal shelving has also become an increasingly popular alternative. Though not as cheap as plastic, they are not as expensive as wooden shelves and combine the best of both types of shelving systems. They look amazing and their versatility & durability is also brilliant. Compared to wooden shelves, they are much easier to acquire and there is always a steady supply of raw material, thanks to well-established global metal industry. Moreover, they are quite practical for use in settings where there is need for storage of heavy products. They are more resistant to wear & tear and with proper maintenance, can last for a very long time.

Shelving has become a major industry in the modern world due to high demand for space optimization. There are also various sub types of shelving such as display shelving, archive shelving, mobile shelving, heavy duty shelving, industrial shelving, gondola shelving and office shelving. Manufacturers of shopfitting products and shelving systems can customize size, material, color & aesthetics of equipment with utmost precision allowing customers to get exactly what they are looking for. It is also not a bad idea for go for a reputed shopfitting vendor that can offer a large gamut of high-quality products and can provide end to end solutions- from space planning, design, customization and manufacturing to delivery, installation & reliable after-sales support.

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