Add Bookends to Decorate Your Space in a Unique Way

Home is not only a place to stay but also an area where we create connections with people. It brings us joy and makes a big smile on our faces whenever we tend to spend time in it, and it gives us a feeling of inspiration to make home beautiful, clean, and decorative at the same time. There are a number of options available, but bookends are the preferred choice of many individuals.

The decor of a home with various decor options is very common. In the meantime, if we want to give the best look to our house with essential and gorgeous items at the same time, then we have to need to choose from a range of decorates which are affordable, pocket-friendly and which cover the minimum space of our home. And it can only be bookends.

Bookends are decorative accessories that can be used in tables, desks, or shelves of their living space. It not just maintains an organized shelf but also adds a touch of character. These are those which are made of iron, plastic, stone, wood and ceramic, and various other materials.

If you are looking for something that holds some of your most precious paperwork, then simply bookends are the best option. You can easily place it in your bedroom, drawing room, or even in your kitchens to hold some books.

With bookends, you can put various types of magazines, newspapers, storybooks, and journals together on the night table. Even you can also make use of bookends to hold some productive cookbooks in your kitchen.

As we all want to know, the great way to add elegance to the rooms of our house. And if you also want, then bookends are the best option.

In today’s era, bookends are not simply an item for your house, but also you can use them as decorative objects in a house. Though you can find different types of bookends in stores, you can make some on your own for the decor of your home.

There are no hard rules on how bookends; there are different objects creatively, which not just make great bookends but also best for your home interiors.

Look at eight creative ways to make bookends for your books. Simple, easy, and beautiful!


A cushion needn’t be just an accessory on your couch, but it can be used as a bookend too. Here, you will need small cushions but instead of filling it with cotton, fill it with sand so that they offer firm support to your books. Choose bright-colored cushion covers for the purpose of adding a bright hue to your shelf.

Glass Jar Bookends

What do you think about the glass jar? A Glass Jar is perfect, so you can be used as perfect bookends.

Mason Jar

Do you want to give a dramatic effect? Then simply fill them with colored stones or round pebbles. For a natural look, you must add some artificial leaves to it.

Camera Bookends

Do you have any cameras which you don’t use? If yes, then make them bookends. Just decorate or cover them with colored or shiny or velvet papers, or you can also use fabric to cover them.

Decorate and cover your cover camera with satin ribbons. You can also paint them. Now your bookend is finally ready, so you can use this bookend.

Top Corner Shelf Design Ideas for Your Interior

  • Rope Blocks: You can use rope as bookends. Even one can also create blocks with the help of ropes. Simply coil rope and paste them well.
  • Rope Bookends Source: Paint rope blocks or decorate them using plastic flowers.
  • Bricks on Either Side: With bricks, one can make bookends. Firstly bring two good bricks to your home and color them properly. If you have a creative mind then make colorful bricks. It’s your wish to give a single tone or use multiple shades.
  • Brick Bookends Source: If you have creative ideas in your mind, then write something on the brick.
  • Toys or Animals For Children’s Books: Do you have children in your home? Then use bookends for your children’s books, use their favorite toys, or even plastic or rubber animals.
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