A Lower Back Massage In Auckland Can Relieve You Of Aches And Pains

Are you experiencing lower back pain? Treat yourself to a back massage in Auckland

Back pains have become a part and parcel of every working professional’s life and there is no escape from this.

Due to sitting in the same posture for hours on end or working in the same position, the lower back tends to give way and the resulting effect is back pain. 

Why not do something about it? If you are experiencing pain or stress or stiffness in the muscles of the back, go in for a back massage in Auckland. 

What are the types of back pain? 

There are two kinds of back pain that one may suffer from, one is acute back pain and the other is chronic. 

Acute back pain usually lasts for around a period of three months and a lower back massage in Auckland helps alleviate the tightness and pain in the area. 

However, chronic back pain is the more severe form of back ailment and the recommended therapy is to move up and about instead of remaining sedentary in one position. 

When should you avail of a seated massage in Auckland?

While the causes of back pain are many, the most common ones are:

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • A sprain or a strain caused in the muscle or ligament
  • A sedentary position that lasts for too long 
  • Bending forward while partaking in activities
  • Osteoporosis that occurs due to old age 

Once you get an upper back massage or a lower one, you will begin to see changes. 

What are the benefits of a back massage in Auckland? 

Once you get a back massage, you will experience: 

  • An increased range of movement: The muscles in the back portion often get constricted and tight and this limits the range of movement in the area. A massage breaks the adhesions and the scar tissue, facilitating a range of motion. 
  • Decreased pain: Have you often noticed that a massage helps in alleviating pain? The reason is that when the area of the body is massaged, there is a change in the pain signals that are sent to the brain and this alters the perception of pain. A lower back massage in Auckland does the same and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. 
  • Break down of scar tissue: As a result of injury and tension, there is often scar tissue that forms internally. Over time, due to a buildup of this tissue, there is tightness and friction in the area. A muscle breaks down the bonds and facilitates blood flow throughout the body, enabling the organs and tissues to get a rich supply of oxygen. 
  • Lymph drainage: A massage promotes the drainage of the collected wastes and lymph, giving the body a chance to breathe more freely, get rid of toxins, help your skin glow and provide you with a relaxation unlike any other. 

Have you booked your seated massage in Auckland?

HealthCure Massage is a massage centre in Botany that offers you a unique experience to relax and refresh your body and mind through a massage. The aim of a massage has always been as simple as it gets – relaxation. With the stress of daily life, it can be tough to be happy and positive and take care of your exercise routine. The body is a machine and gives way every once in a while, and like all machines, it requires a little oiling to set it right. 

The oils used at HealthCure Massage are therapeutic and herbal and these along with providing motion and therapy to your joints, have a calming effect on them too. 

You may have often heard people say that an upper back massage or lower back one is one of the most therapeutic ones. That is true. 

Gift yourself a massage this weekend and you’ll see just how the power of flexibility of joints helps you with the challenging weeks ahead.

Our team of physiotherapists at the HealthCure Massage centre are trained to treat with the right pressure. In case you have medical concerns you can convey this to them too.

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