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Mats are silent spectators in our homes. They are usually placed near the door or around spots where the living space residents can clean or dry their wet feet. Moreover, the mats are also used by pets to lay down and relax while they are not in action. Mat cleaning is as important as carpet cleaning Box Hill. That’s why, while you must regularly clean the mats, occasional professional commercial cleaning in Box Hill is crucial to maintain the quality and strength of the mat.

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Why You Need to be Careful When Cleaning Mats at Home


Mats are usually made strong. But the intricate details, weaves and patterns can become spots where dust, dirt and particles can accommodate. While regular brushing and vacuuming is important, thoroughly cleaning your mats (by closely following cleaning instructions) ensures that your mats are ready for everyday use and are in their best shape and structure.


3 Things You Should Be Careful About When Mat Cleaning at Home:


  • Use cleaning agents that are soft on the fabric
  • Use the right quantity of cleaning agent
  • Invest in products that are specifically for mat cleaning


This article explores 7 super tricks for impeccably mat cleaning south-east Melbourne experts suggest for households!

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Here’s How to Clean Floor Mats Like Experts 


The following mat cleaning process is universal and valid for all types of mats. Note that these steps cannot completely replace the quality of commercial cleaning Box Hill but they are sure going to ensure that your mats are clean till you get mat cleaning south-east Melbourne.


Step 1: Make sure that your surroundings are clear


Mat cleaning can be tough and it gets tougher when you have pets and children. So when you are planning on cleaning your mats at home, make sure that pets and children are kept away at a safe distance. In case you want to engage your children in mat cleaning, use child-safe products that aren’t chemically harsh. Additionally, you can opt for eco-friendly products that are mild on reagents. This will not only protect your child’s delicate skin but also protect the fabric.


Step 2: The right spot


Mat cleaning can be dirty and if you are doing it in the wrong area (the drawing area or in the swimming pool or in the bathroom), it adds more to the cleaning list. If you are considering washing mats, consider cleaning them in an area that’s open, has adequate drainage systems and flooring that is super easy to clean. It is highly advised to clean your mats in an outdoor setting. 


Step 3: Do some dusting before the great wash!


Dust off your mats before putting cleaning agents onto it. Why? Much of the contamination on the mat is dust and dirt deposits. When you dust off the mats, these dust and dirt particles get off the fabric layers. This way, when you pour water on the mats, they won’t end up getting muddy. This process only saves you from the hassles of cleaning a muddy floor but also saves products and water.

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Step 4: Using a vacuum cleaner before mat cleaning


Once you have removed larger particles hiding in the mat’s layers, it is time to get rid of small particles as well. By using a vacuum cleaner, these small particles can be sucked out making it easier to clean the mat in fewer cycles. The small particles in the mat usually end up forming a thin yet stubborn film of dirt in the fabrics and on the cleaning floor. Alternatively, hang the mat at a height and hit it with a blunt object like a bat. This too will significantly remove dust and dirt from the mat.


Step 5: Choosing the right mat cleaning product


No one wants to repeat the same process over and over again in a short span of time. Mat cleaning is important and even though it may look like a half an hour job, not being careful about the products you are using can cause you to spend more time doing it. While the most basic mat cleaning in southeast Melbourne is the detergent-water solution, you can also opt for products that are specifically for carpet cleaning. Adjust the proportion of the cleaning reagent accordingly. It is also highly advised not to use bleach as it can damage fabrics. When rinsing the mat, run water till it comes out clean.


Step 6: Drying is crucial


Mats are usually made with fabrics that are stiff and yet delicate. Once done with the cleaning process, hang the mat on a height and let all of the water drips. It may take hours but that’s absolutely fine as moisture if retained in between the layers of the mat can rot fabric threads. Moreover, the moisture trapped will cause the mat to stink, something no homeowner wants. So let the mat dry for hours before putting them in. To check if the mat has dried or not, thoroughly touch it at the corners, around the borders and at the centre as these areas usually take longer to dry.

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Step 7: Repeat after 3 months


To ensure that your mats are healthy, mould-free and are doing well, it is important to repeat the above cleaning method every 3-4 months. This will increase the life of your mats significantly.


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