7 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

Here are seven helpful tips for dealing with picky eaters.

  1. Try Foods in Smaller Quantities

Every parent wants to feed their children hearty portions, making sure they get the correct number of calories. But presenting food in larger quantity may look overwhelming, and it may demotivate the toddler. So, when you offer toddler meals, start with small tastes for better results.

  1. Make Food a Fun Experience

Many kids don’t touch certain foods because of how it looks. Sometimes improving the appearance of food can make kids more willing to eat it. For example, cutting vegetables and fruits into fun shapes is a good way to get their attention. You can also add more vegetables, like mushrooms, in child-friendly recipes such as pizza, soup, and pasta. Being creative in food presentation can induce their hunger and help them eat well.

  1. Let Your Kid Plan the Meal

You probably don’t want your family eating ice cream and potato chips for dinner. But involving your kids in meal planning is a great idea to create interest in different foods. You can let them choose the fruits and vegetables and ask their suggestion for preparing meals. You can also find recipes from child-friendly cookbooks to try out new toddler meals.

  1. Know Your Child’s Food Preferences

Some kids like softer foods that are easy to eat, while others prefer crunchy foods. Knowing their tastes and texture preferences will help you introduce them to different varieties.

  1. Encourage Your Child to Eat with Other Children

Researches show that kids eating with other children tend to take in more calories and try new foods. By watching other kids eat and enjoy new foods, your child may also want to taste them.

  1. Be a Good Role Model for Your Kids

Children are more likely to choose and eat food by watching other’s eating behavior. You should eat more vegetables during every meal so that your child will watch and accept new foods.

  1. Don’t Give Up

If your child does not accept new food, don’t quit and give in to feeding the child their favorite food. Try again and again! It may take ten attempts for your child’s taste buds to accept a new taste.

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