6 Signs Of An Unhealthy Gut According To The Gut Health Experts In Melbourne

Go in for treatment for those digestive problems soon!

Gut health is vital for a properly functioning metabolism. Along with being the most important, gut health is also one of the most common to be affected due to the lifestyle changes that have now formed patterns. 

An unhealthy gut presents itself in the form of severe symptoms that fortunately can be treated if diagnosed at the right time. We have narrowed the signs of an unhealthy gut down to 6. If you are experiencing these, you might as well go in for naturopath gut health treatment in Melbourne.


Sign 1: An upset stomach may need you to seek gluten intolerance treatment 

In the case of any digestive abnormality, an upset stomach is one of the most common signs seen. Diarrhoea along with vomiting indicates that there has been malabsorption of nutrients or certain components in the food. 

The gut health experts in Melbourne know how to set it right. 

Sign 2: Fluctuations in weight

Excessive and sudden weight or weight loss can be indicative of something amiss in the gut. Seek treatment for digestive problems, when you begin to notice these weight changes within yourself.

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There are two instances: 

  • Weight loss is caused by a condition denoted by SIBO which stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Bloating, cramps in the abdomen and constipation are some of the symptoms that present itself with this condition. The bacteria are not eliminated out of the body and thus grow in the intestine.
  • Weight gain is a condition caused when nutrients are not absorbed well and thus the person overeats. 

Sign 3: Skin allergies and irritation 

A leaky gut is a condition wherein the lining of the intestine thins and thus certain toxins manage to leak into the body, where the body has an adverse reaction to these and skin irritation is what results.

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On that note, this is different from allergies. An allergic reaction is when the body has an adverse reaction to a usual component that it perceives as an allergen or toxin. 

You can reach out for allergy treatment in Melbourne

Sign 4: Sleep is elusive 

The hormone serotonin that contributes greatly to the sleep-wake cycle is produced in the gut and thus, gut health experts in Melbourne say that sleep disturbances or an out-of-gear sleep-wake cycle is when the gut health is bad. 

Sign 5: Autoimmune diseases

My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne that lays a special emphasis on autoimmune conditions and these are becoming ever so common in the body.


Reach out to one of the best naturopaths in Melbourne – Domenic Pisanelli to get your gut health set right and avoid inflammation of the gut lining in the form of autoimmune diseases. 

Step 6: Food allergies 

If you have all of a sudden started reacting adversely to certain foods or suffering from allergies, it may be time to consider your gut health. 

Allergy treatment in Melbourne will help you determine to which foods exactly has your body recently started reacting to adversely and why. The same goes for gluten intolerance treatment

Reach out to My Vital Health Solutions

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When it is a matter of gut health, the expert is Melbourne naturopath Domenic Pisanelli. Here there is no overnight solution or magic cure. Instead, a focus is laid upon delving into the issue and discovering what is wrong at the deepest level. 

Whether it is digestive problems treatment or allergy treatment in Melbourne, there is nothing that is too complex for the Melbourne naturopaths. 

Naturopathy, in contrast to other branches of medicine, lays a focus on helping the body help itself. 

Gut health and the gut microbiome is of vital importance and shouldn’t be ignored. With rampant cases of affected gut health on the rise, it is important and crucial to have your problem addressed. 

Sleep. Yes, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to set your lifestyle pattern right. Stress can have adverse effects on various different parts of the body and the way to calm down the brain and body is to sleep. Reach out to the naturopaths today.

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