5 Ways Selling a House As-Is in Atlanta Can Help You Save Money

Selling your home is one of the most significant financial transactions you’ll ever make, and it can be a considerable expense. When you sell a house in Atlanta or elsewhere, you have to pay fees out of pocket for repairs, agent commissions, and more.

If you’re on a tight budget or would like to avoid these costs, the best option is to sell a house as-is. You don’t have to pay a penny when you sell your home to cash buyers because the buyer handles all the charges. If you are worried about the cost of selling the property, check out the top five ways a cash sale can help you save money.

1. Save on Repair Costs

Traditionally, you need to repair, renovate, and upgrade your home before you can list it on the market. Repairs are a must if you wish to attract buyers, and the costs can add up if your house requires major renovations. Sometimes, prospective buyers even request you to fix up other things before they make an offer. The repair costs can turn into tens of thousands of dollars. By selling your house as-is to cash home buyers in Atlanta, you can sell it without making any repairs.

2. Save on Professional Cleaning Fees

When you list the house on the market, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Making a good impression usually requires professional deep cleaning. You may have to hire a cleaning crew to power wash the driveway and siding, clean the carpets, clean the bathrooms, or rejuvenate stained floors. Professional cleaning can be expensive, depending on the work done and the size of your home.

3. Save on Marketing Fees

To attract the best buyers in Atlanta, you need to up your marketing game. Effective marketing includes getting professional photos and videos of your house, staging the property professionally, running online and offline ads, hosting open houses, and more. You have to spend money on marketing materials, signs, online listings, and more. You can avoid all these costs when you sell your home as-is for cash.

4. Save on Agent Commissions

Agent commissions are one of the biggest expenses when selling a home. Generally, realtors in Atlanta charge around 6% of the sale price as their commission fee. That price can eat up a significant chunk of your profit. Before you list your property with a real estate agent, you have to crunch the numbers. See if the realtor can make you enough money to justify a high commission. If not, the better choice is to sell your house directly to cash buyers in Atlanta.

5. Save on Closing Costs

Generally, most homeowners in Atlanta spend around 1% to 3% of their sale price on closing costs. This price includes title search fees, settlement fees, pre-payment penalties, and more. You can avoid all these costs with an as-is sale.

Selling your house directly to cash buyers can help you save a lot during the home selling process. Make sure to run the numbers to see if a traditional sale makes you more profit than selling the home for cash. If not, the better choice may be to sell the home to a cash home buyer in Atlanta.

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The author is a popular cash home buyer in Atlanta and the surrounding areas and helps distressed homeowners sell their houses fast for cash. Visit https://justsellitasis.com/ for more information.

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