5 Vacation home cleaning tips to save your time

Are you looking for a strategy to stay cool this summer? Or are you planning to follow the birds’ lead and travel south again for winter? In any event, whether you’re going on a long trip, washing your house before you go should be a top concern.

If someone leaves your country without thoroughly cleaning it, you will return to a mess that is far worse than you thought.

Standing water can quickly turn into a mouldy playroom or a mosquitoes area. Pests and rodents will take up residence in the home as just a vacation destination if food is missing.

Keep reading if you want to discover how to ready your home before vacation.

Make a cleaning schedule

Before you start, it’s a good idea to make a checklist that you can take with you from room to room. It’s all too easy to walk in and feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities ahead of you. You don’t want to miss anything vital before departing on an extended vacation, though.

Generate a checklist of all the places you would like to prep and write down. Prioritise the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living areas. They should also include your garage and yard area to be safe.

All areas should be prepared

After that, conduct a general clean-up of your entire house. Remove even more than you can by tidying up, putting stuff away, and decluttering.

All of the floors should be vacuumed and swept. Unplug all of your appliances in case of a power outage or other electrical issue while you’re away.

Cleaning up the kitchen

You could end up with a bug problem or mould troubles if you leave food particles behind and don’t check that all of your dry products are firmly wrapped.

To begin, make sure that every dish in your home is clean. The dishwasher should be loaded and running.

After that, wipe your kitchen’s counters and other surfaces thoroughly. Make sure there isn’t any leftover food.

Next, go through your refrigerator and throw away everything that will spoil while you’re gone. Depending on how long you anticipate to be gone, it may be more cost-effective to throw all of it and lower the temperature in your refrigerator.

Remove the trash, wash the dispenser, and double that every one of your dry products is stored tightly and pest-free.

Organising Your Bedroom

When tidying your room, remove the sheets and pillows from your bed and allow the mattress to air out for a while.

Next, when you get home, change your bedding and arrange your bed so that you have a pleasant place to crash. To avoid a musty odour, keep your closet doors open, and dirty clothes will also emit a musty smell.

Checklist for the Bathroom

It would help if you also prepared your restroom. When you go, do a deep clean. Change your towels and empty the garbage. Then, to ensure that the taps do not leak, close them tightly.

Shut off the water and flush your toilet if you’re going to be gone for an extended period.

If there is any surface water in your bathroom, wipe it down and release it before leaving.

Maintenance of the Garden

Let’s take a look at the areas outside your home now.

Gadgets, hoses, and instruments should all be stored safely. To avoid mould and mosquitos, empty any kiddy pools and turn them upside down. Cover a vast collection if you have one.

Basement and Carport

You don’t need to stress having your garages and attic prepared for your vacation. These areas are intended to store items that will remain undisturbed for an extended period.

However, perform a final tour before leaving to ensure no harm. Make sure it’s fixed before you go so you don’t come home to a disaster.

Make sure all of your tools are carefully put away in your garage to avoid rust or even other damage.

Recruit Assistance

Regardless of how long you anticipate being away, you may want to seek some assistance. Request that a reliable neighbour or friend keep a watch on your home.

Have them keep an eye out for any leaks, bugs, or other issues that may emerge while you’re away. They also can keep up with your plant’s maintenance.

Yard services can also ensure that your yard is in good shape when you return, reducing the likelihood of complaints.

Before a Long Vacation, Clean Your House

It doesn’t have to be difficult to clean your house before an extended vacation, and you’ll be ready to leave your holiday with a spotlessly clean place to return to in no time if you prepare a list and keep to it.

Remember to remove any stagnant water, food debris, or other items that attract bugs or mould.

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