5 Things You Didn’t Know About Turkish Towels

It was not until a friend introduced me to the world of Turkish towels that I realised I’ve been living under a rock for all these years! For one, I didn’t know these towels have a history that dates back hundreds of years. Here are some of the things we bet you didn’t know about Turkish towels.

1. They Have A History of Nearly 600 Years:

Turkish towels were first used in hammams or bathhouses where people used a different towel for the shoulders, hip, and head. They were also an essential part of a ceremonial bath for brides before their wedding and also used in other important ceremonies. It was the Ottomans who used the carpet weaving skills of their artisans to create unique designs and decorative fringes at both ends. The fact that these towels are hand woven makes them exclusive and limits production to just two or three pieces every day.

2. Turkish Towels Are Hypoallergenic:

The special weave traps fewer allergens, making them a perfect choice for people with allergies. Good quality Turkish towels do not use chemical dyes, pesticides, or other harsh chemicals and hence ideal for children. Our range of towels are not only eco-friendly but made from high- quality Turkish cotton and hence super comfortable as well.

3. They Are Easy To Maintain:

We recommend customers to avoid using fabric softeners on Turkish towels. This is because most fabric softeners use silicone which makes the fabric water repellent and makes them less absorbent. But you can wash the towels in a washing machine or hand wash them in cold water. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about ‘treating’ the towel before using it for the first time. But the more you wash the most absorbent they become over time.

4. They Are Some People Selling Fake Turkish Towels:

Not everyone offering cheap Turkish towels is worth trusting. Look for towels that claim to be handwoven in Turkey and made using premium quality Turkish cotton. The keyword here is ‘100% Turkish cotton’ – some towels are ‘made with Turkish cotton,’ i.e., they are only partially made using Turkish cotton. Loopys towels are woven by Turkish families that have been doing so for generations.

5. They Are Versatile:

These towels are lightweight and easily foldable, making them the perfect travel towels. And since they dry quickly, you can use them as cheap beach towels. You can use them as a part of your home decor, or wear them as a sarong. If you’re travelling, wear them around like a scarf or shawl!

What did you discover about your Turkish towel? Share your stories with us!

Author bio: The Author loves Turkish towels and enjoys sharing ideas about their unique uses.

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