5 Smart Layouts For Contemporary Hybrid Offices

With the pandemic, a distant memory and the struggles of work-from-home catching up, employees across the world and industries are eager to return to the office. The catch here is that – they no longer want to go back to a dull, old office with no space for flexibility.

Employees want the freedom to work remotely for at least a few days a week and drop into the office when they need to collaborate and work closely with others. It’s not just employees but also employers who prefer a hybrid office as it helps them cut overhead costs. Instead of allocating a dedicated desk space for each employee, hybrid offices pave the way for expanding (or reducing) the office per the business needs.

So, if you’re looking for an office space for rent in Qatar, look for spaces that adapt to your hybrid requirements. Here’s a closer look at what a hybrid office looks like and popular layouts when you redesign an existing office to suit the needs of your hybrid team.

What Is A Hybrid Office?

As the name implies, hybrid offices are designed to support both teamwork and remote work. Choosing a hybrid furnished office for rent makes it easy for employees to remain productive, irrespective of whether they work from the office or home. Here are the critical elements of a hybrid office:

– A mix of private and collaborative spaces

– Multipurpose areas that employees can use for a variety of purposes

– Easily reconfigurable furniture

– A modern conference room with high-quality equipment for seamless audio and video connectivity

Studies reveal that hybrid offices improve employee productivity by quickly setting up their workspace anywhere in the office and getting down to the tasks at hand. It also improves work-life balance, as employees can decide whether they want to come to the office or work from home, depending on the nature of the tasks at hand.

By redesigning offices in Qatar to suit hybrid teams, you can reduce employee burnout and increase employee satisfaction, helping to cut down attrition rates.

Popular Layout Ideas For A Hybrid Office Space

If you’re on the search for a furnished office for rent in Qatar, you can consider the following layout ideas to enhance productivity and improve employee satisfaction:

1. The Hot Desk Hangout

In this layout, most employees do not have a permanent office. When they come into the office, they reserve workspaces that fit their tasks. Individuals can reserve desks, while teams can book conference rooms in advance, depending on when they plan to meet. Flexible partitions allow desks to be relatively private or opened up, depending on individual preferences.

2. The Maker Space

In this setup, a central IT team at the office assists other employees in setting up their desks and provides them with tech training and troubleshooting help. Employees can walk up to the reception desk to pick up work equipment, make reservations for desks or get help with other routine tasks.

3. Café Collaboration

In this setup, the office mimics the ambiance of a café. There is a small self-serve area with coffeemakers, microwaves and fridges for employees to prepare a quick snack to refresh themselves while working. This is an excellent setup to get the creative juices flowing, as employees are relaxed and feel refreshed.

4. The Get On-Board Room

The focus is on the corporate conference room with high-quality audio and video equipment. It is also fitted with cameras and microphones for seamless zoom calls, irrespective of whether employees attend the meeting in person or join in from their homes.

5. The Home-Away-From-Home

These offices are geared towards the younger generation, focusing on employee wellness. Nap pods, locker rooms, gyms, etc., make it easy for employees to take a quick break during work hours and come back with renewed energy.

Hybrid Offices Are Here To Stay

If you would like to set up a flexible workspace for your business, you can consider a cheap office for rent in Qatar and redesign it to suit the needs of your team.

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