5 Reasons Why Your Phoenix Home Isn’t Selling

You’ve listed your Phoenix house on the market, and you haven’t received a single offer. You were hoping to close the sale and move quickly, but you’re now still stuck with your old property.

A house sitting on the market without any takers is frustrating. Here, we identify the top reasons why your Phoenix house isn’t selling fast to help you tweak your marketing strategy.

1. Bad Pictures

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true in real estate. Homes with poor-quality pictures or just a couple of pictures don’t get the attention of prospective buyers. You need up your photography game to hook in buyers. Here are a few tips to help you out:

· Shoot wide angles showcasing your home’s best features.

· Have photos of all the bedrooms and not just the master bedroom.

· Play up your home’s strengths and highlights.

· Include pictures of kitchens and bathrooms.

· Make sure to clean, declutter, and stage your home before taking photographs.

· Remember to include the outdoor areas, as people like to see how the whole property looks.

· Add descriptive text to each photo to evoke emotions and make prospective buyers feel connected to the property.

2. Poor Timing

Spring and early summer are the best months to sell a house fast in Phoenix. Usually, people stop house hunting during the fall and winter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell a during other times of the year. Offering incentives like a $500 credit towards moving services can help you attract buyers when selling a home outside of the spring and summer.

3. Glaring Repairs

While most buyers know they have to do some repairs before moving in, most potential buyers are not interested in doing extensive work. Glaring repairs like broken hinges, a leaking roof, or old carpets are a big turn-off for prospective buyers. So, it’s a good idea to fix repairs before listing your house. Additionally, by repairing and upgrading the property, you can increase your home’s selling price, helping you earn more money.

4. Unappealing Curb

Many homeowners make the mistake of failing to clean and prepare the exterior of their homes. Upswept paths, chipping paint, overgrown lawns, and garbage-filled driveways leave a bad first impression. They can make it look like your home hasn’t seen any maintenance for years.

If a buyer doesn’t like the outside appearance, they may not come inside to see the rest of the home. Focus on your curb as much as you focus on the inside.

5. Wrong Method of Selling

Most homeowners assume that they have no other choice but to go with a realtor to sell their house. But you have another stress-free option. You can go the DIY route of selling your home by connecting with a cash-for-home buyer. Look for ads advertising, “we buy houses in Phoenix.” You can skip working with a realtor and sell your home directly to cash buyers. They will offer a fair deal, and you can close quickly.

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The author regularly writes about real estate markets and helps homeowners sell their houses fast in Phoenix for cash.

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