5 Reasons Why German Watches Stand Out in the Luxury Watch Market

Switzerland is one of the best places for luxury watches. The country gained its lofty reputation with its pure craftsmanship and strict regulations. However, Germany is also a pioneer in crafting unique mechanical watches well-known for their precision and quality. Although the Germans love to keep their aesthetics simple, the engineering behind bringing out stellar timepieces deserves a special mention in history. Ravaged by the World Wars, the country’s watchmaking industry suffered a significant setback until 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down. But after 1990, there was no turning back for the German watch industry that went on to create marvelous timepieces. Here are the five reasons why German watches like Tufina watches stand out in the luxury watch market.

  1. Straightforward Designs

Swiss watches are often fanciful, while German watches are simpler aesthetically. German watchmakers love a straightforward design with fewer additions on the dial. This feature increases readability and makes the timepieces more practical. So why do Germans design simple watches? They focus more on their technological prowess than the design.

  1. Precision

Germans are well-known for being accurate. Maintaining precision is essential, and it reflects in their creations. Most German watch brands show more precise time than watches from other countries. If you want to know about German watches’ precision and quality, read watch reviews like Pionier watch reviews and Theorema watch reviews.

  1. Watch Movements

The German watch movements are different from the Swiss movements. German watchmakers use German sliver, while the Swiss watchmakers use rhodium-plated brass. Additionally, they use three-quarter-sized plates for their movements.

  1. Durability

Most German watch brands produce high-quality timepieces with the best materials. They are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and pressure. Most German mechanical watches last longer than regular watches.

  1. Positive Watch Reviews

Watch reviews help you understand the features, complications, and performances of a specific watch brand. Most watch reviews on German brands mention their quality, precision, and durability. When you compare the cost of German watches to Swiss watch brands, they are inexpensive and will be a beneficial addition to your watch collection. Read watch reviews like Tufina watches reviews to know more about German watch brands.

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