5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Buy Some Huarache Sandals

Huaraches were common in the 1960s because the hippies wore them—they felt that wearing these sandals made them more in touch with Native American culture. Over time, as the hippie movement gave way to a generation of career-oriented professionals, these shoes became less popular.

But huarache sandals are now making a comeback thanks to brands like Brand X Huaraches. They’re committed to keeping traditional Mexican craftsmanship alive. If you’re on the fence about buying huarache sandals, consider these reasons why you should buy them:

1. They Last A Long Time:

Anyone who knows about huaraches history will tell you that they were invented to assist people in the brutal heat of Mexican summers. The local farmworkers wore them to protect their feet while working long hours in the fields. Originally, huarache sandals were made using untanned deer leather, then later cow leather. And during the 1930s, they were made using rubber tires.

Nowadays, huaraches are made using vegetable-tanned leather, one of the sturdiest and most durable kinds of leather. The gentle yet time-consuming tanning process involves several weeks of treatment, and this is done to make the sandals last longer and more comfortable.

2. They Are Made Using A Unique Weaving Technique:

The weaving technique is as old as the Aztec culture, but it has been improved over many generations. Moreover, brands that are serious about their huaraches sandals work with traditional artisans who have been weaving these sandals for years. Some designs feature a closed-toe, while others are open-toe. Leather strips are woven through the last and first holes in the sole to form an intricate pattern. Some designs even have spaces for shoelaces.

3. They Are Breathable:

The intricate weaving pattern makes huarache sandals breathable and flexible. They can be worn throughout the year, especially in warm weather. They’re also ideal for humid climates, but you must take good care of them and ensure they stay warm, irrespective of the weather. You don’t need to wear socks while wearing huarache sandals, but you could to cushion your feet and keep them odor-free.

Huarache sandals also stretch well after you’ve worn them a couple of times. The leather may appear stiff initially, but eventually it will mold to the shape of your feet.

4. They Are Affordable:

Huarache sandals are budget-friendly. In other words, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on handmade vegetable-tanned sandals. And if you’re buying them online from retailers like Brand X Huaraches, they cost much less. Don’t forget to look for discounts and summer offers before buying a pair.

5. They Are Comfortable:

Huarache sandals are designed to mold to the shape of your feet, which means they’re extremely comfortable at all times—even when running. In fact, the indigenous Raramuri people can run long distances on the mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre Occidental because they wear huarache sandals. This was even captured on NBC’s Left Field.

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The author manages an online store that specializes in selling huarache sandals. He also helps people understand Mexico’s unique craftsmanship. Visit https://www.brandxhuaraches.com/ to learn more.

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