5 Helpful Tips for First-Time Cannabis Smokers

Are you going to smoke weed for the first time? You may have already heard from your friends about their first weed experiences. They might fill you with exciting stories of how they felt, but not all individuals go through the same experience. It can vary, depending on how your body reacts to cannabis. Some people don’t even get high the first time. Whatever your concerns may be, the following tips will help you prepare and enjoy your first weed experience.

  1. Take Low and Go Slow

As a novice smoker, you should take smaller quantities as low as two or three milligrams. It takes a little time for the effect to kick in, so wait before you expect to feel something. Inhale it into the lungs, but don’t overdo it. Most people don’t experience anything the first time, so don’t jump in and take too much if you don’t feel different.

If you don’t like to smoke, you can try cannabis edibles. However, use them with caution under the guidance of an experienced user. Edible can take up to two hours to make you feel anything, and it can be easy to eat too many the first time. Buy weed in Hamilton from the comfort of your home by placing an order online. You can get a wide range of cannabis products that are suitable for first-time users.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Cannabis can cause dry mouth from dehydration. It’s essential to keep your mouth moist to avoid it. Drink plenty of water before smoking, and rehydrate yourself during and after you smoke.

  1. Smoke in the Company of Good Friends

Smoking weed alone with no prior experience can be unsafe. You won’t know how much to take or how it will impact your mind. Having sensible friends who have already smoked weed can help you feel safe and comfortable. Plus, it can be more fun with friends, as you will have the opportunity to share your experience with people you enjoy.

  1. Listen to Music

Many people smoke weed is to relax and enjoy the experience. To set the right mood, you can play soulful music. Music can help you relax even more and make for a better overall experience.

  1. Have Food Ready

Smoking weed can induce hunger, often called the munchies by weed users. Be prepared by having some food ready before you smoke. You can eat fruits and other snacks in between puffs too. If you don’t have time to cook anything, order food online and get it delivered to your home. Don’t take the risk of going out under the influence of weed! Also, if you need more weed in Hamilton, you can order online. Hamilton weed delivery can bring you your order in under 90 minutes.

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