4 Reasons to Sell Your Massachusetts Home As-Is

Is it time to move out of your Massachusetts home? One of the most common questions that first-time home sellers have is, “Should I sell my house as-is or should I upgrade it for a better deal?” You’ve probably watched plenty of HGTV and real estate reality shows to know that you have to renovate and stage your home before you sell. But are they right?

It’s not always best to renovate your home! Sometimes the best choice is to sell your home as-is for a cash deal instead of spending thousands of dollars and months renovating it. Here are five scenarios when selling your house as-is is a smart move.

1. When It’s an Inherited Property

One situation when an as-is sale is best is when you inherit a home. If you don’t plan to move into the property, you likely want to sell it. You may not get as a good deal as you would if you had made updates to it, but if you’re looking to sell without spending a fortune or a lot of time, then the tradeoff is worth it. If you have jointly inherited the property, selling it for cash and dividing the money among all inheritors can be the easiest solution.

2. When You Don’t Have the Time to Renovate

Let’s say you got a new job in another town and you’re required to report within two weeks. If you need to move quickly, the best choice is to sell your home to cash home buyers in Massachusetts. Cash home buyers buy your house in any condition. You can get a fair quote for your home and complete the sale within a couple of days and get moving to your new home.

3. When Your Home Needs Massive Upgrades

Some houses need massive renovations that cost more than the value of the property. In such cases, it doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on upgrades or repairs. Choose a cash offer and sell your home quickly.

4. When You Don’t Have the Time nor Energy for Open Houses

Traditionally, when you list a home on the market, you have to host open houses and stage the property to attract buyers. This process is a stress-inducing experience as strangers will be in your home, opening cabinets, prodding under shelves, and criticizing your home. If all this sounds like too much, then you can skip it and sell your house as-is to a cash buyer.

With that said, doing minor repairs and quick fixes will help you get the best cash deal on your home, even when you sell it “as-is.” Replace burned-out lightbulbs, sweep the carpets, and fix broken hinges to create a better impression of the property.

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