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Flea home remedies have been around for quite some time now and they are popular because you do not need to invest in harsh chemicals. Moreover, home remedies are something people usually resort to before seeking professional help since these remedies have been around for a long and at times solve the problems at hand.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in and find out the hottest home remedies that are flea treatment Shepparton pet owners can absolutely bank on!

  1. A viscous soap and water solution: Prepare a solution of soap and water in a  2:1 ratio and keep it in the area that receives the most flea activity (can be your pet’s bed or the spot they usually relax in). The viscosity of the soap-water solution traps fleas when they are taking a leap at migration. This can be an effective method only if you have seen or have witnessed flea movements across the furniture. It is worth noting that while you keep the solution near your pet, make sure it is placed in a safe and unreachable space for them
  2. Baking soda for some action: Vacuuming your living space is one of the best ways to get rid of fleas. Since fleas infest not only pets but their surroundings as well, a thorough and deep vacuuming can help in destroying potential flea nests. But mere vacuuming cannot do the wonders. That’s where baking soda comes into play. Mark the area’s you want to vacuum like carpet, sofa, curtains and cushions. Then sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the areas and mix well. If mixing with hands, consider wearing gloves and full sleeves to prevent fleas from attacking. Once done, let the baking soda soak in. After 30 minutes or so, vacuum the place thoroughly. You can start with the strongest level and vacuum multiple times for more effectiveness. Once done, empty the contents of the bag into a disposable bag, seal it adequately and then place it outside. Clean your vacuum cleaner nozzles and pipes as well as the clothes worn during the process with anti-septic solutions thoroughly and throw away the gloves
  3. The power of rosemary: Rosemary is one of the most effective natural flea remedies that’s used before professional help is approached. Rosemary is a strong flea repellant and while it won’t make the fleas go away it sure can bring in some relief till help arrives. Grind a Rosemary into a fine powder and sprinkle them around areas that experience maximum flea activity (areas where your pets sleep and spend most of their time basically). Vacuum the space in the highest settings. Alternatively, you can add small quantities of fennel or peppermint into the rosemary before mixing them into a powder

2020-12-10 (1).jpgAvoid using essential oils for pet flea removal and essential oils can cause side effects like dizziness, loss of balance, vomiting, giddiness in pets. Smaller pets like rabbits, pet rats and ferrets can suffer organ damage after having inhaled essential oils for a prolonged period of time. 

  1. Salt: Salt has dehydrating properties. If you have found a cluster of eggs or pupa in your living space, sprinkle some unadulterated salt and let it work wonders. Not only salt dehydrates and kills the egg depositions but it also disrupts an entire cycle. Something that’s essential when you have been struggling with fleas for a long time. Otherwise, you add some salt to your pet’s bath water and use anti-flea shampoo to wash their fur and later use a thin tooth comb to brush off the fleas

When it’s time to call the experts!

Fighting off fleas can be overwhelming. Even though all the above home remedies can do wonders for your living space and for your pets (including dogs, rabbits, ferrets and cats). But they aren’t the permanent solution. Fleas have a very flexible lifecycle and they can survive harsh environments with ease. Moreover, they can latch onto a surface till it is safe and convenient for them to act again.

Total Pest Control Shepparton offers flagship flea control services that cover flea treatment and other Kialla pest control, pest control Bendigo and Kyabram needs. We eradicate flea infestation from its roots and prevent their resurgence. All this with highly affordable flea treatment packages.

Troubled by fleas?

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