3 Successful SEO Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is one of the most long-awaited periods of the whole year. Everything is on sale, has different discounts, and is an excellent opportunity to gain more visibility if you know how to promote your business. Whether you are a big company or a small firm, you need to step up your game and come up with a witty idea to get noticed by the audience. But how can you do this? With the help of SEO Black Friday deals, of course.

Most e-commerce sites will step up their marketing initiatives in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, so do not hesitate to pull an ace up your sleeve, too, because you have nothing to lose.

With the help of SEO, you can improve your site’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs), get more visitors, and enhance Black Friday sales with only a few straightforward changes. But which is the best Black Friday SEO deal that you should use? If you are interested, let’s find out the answer.

Which SEO Black Friday Deals should you Use?

1.    Be Technical

The best Black Friday SEO deal (or at least one) is always to check your online platforms to avoid any technical misfunctions. Due to revised product pages, or structural changes, broken links are a common problem for online retailers, no matter how big of a company they are. If you are a company owner and leave your website unchecked and updated, it will not benefit search engine optimization or user experience. It would be best to fix this in general, but before Black Friday comes around is a must, especially because impatient clients are more likely to leave your site than continue refreshing a webpage that shows them the message: “error 404”.

A 404 error is when a page you search for does not exist anymore, so you cannot access it. It is usually the address of a page that no longer exists, and no redirect has been set up to take you to the appropriate location. An unexpected 404 response is not always negative, but only if you fix the problem in no time. Yet, if you have too many broken links, search engines will see your site as less reliable because of all the broken links.

Use a website crawler tool to locate 404 error pages on your site. Reduce the number of 404 errors by setting up 301 redirects. As the name suggests, this feature will reroute users away from broken links and toward relevant, active URLs. This is one of the SEO Black Friday deals that most business owners use because everything can happen while customers are shopping (too many customers can shut down the platform, which means no more business for your company).

But, to avoid unpleasantries, you should update and upgrade your website before Black Friday begins.

2.    Create a Page Dedicated to this Event

Although it is a simple and obvious trick, it is still the best Black Friday SEO deal.

That being said, having a specific landing page for Black Friday is crucial. Make as many landing pages as needed for your site’s specials; the number will depend on the range of your product selection.

Landing pages should be concise and to the point. The primary goal of this landing page is, of course, to bring in more business. You should leave the consumer with enough options and provide unrelated content. When it comes to landing pages, less is more, particularly when trying to attract customers to your brand. SEO Black Friday deals do not need to be too much. A good strategy needs to be creative, easy to use, and with a positive outcome.

If your site is no longer in use, you may not need to add new pages. Check out last year’s Black Friday landing and product pages if it still exists. Why not update your platform and capitalize on it in terms of Google rank?

3.    Make User Experience a Priority – Another Best Black Friday Deal

Black Friday is a hectic shopping day, but this should be a top priority every day of the year. Your website must be user-friendly and accommodate many visitors at once. The loading time of your site, the aesthetics of your layout, and the accessibility of your content on mobile devices are three areas you should investigate to serve your users better.

·        Loading time

Google uses page load time and site speed as two of its primary ranking variables. Besides search engine optimization, site performance may significantly contribute to user dissatisfaction and, ultimately, site desertion. In addition, 45.2% of shoppers said they are less inclined to buy from a sluggish website. Using a suitable tool, you can determine how quickly your pages load and aim for a three-second load time as a minimum. This is one of the essential SEO Black Friday deals, so you should include it in your strategy.

·        Aesthetics

Another best Black Friday SEO deal is to create a website that is easy to use and has a well-thought-out hierarchy. Refrain from cluttering your pages with too much content, and do not overstuff your navigation menus. You can learn more about making a user-friendly website by understanding what your audience wants regarding design and accessibility. Engaging with your customers will also help you create a more loyal clientele.

Moreover, the accessibility of your sites may be improved by using techniques like adding pictures instead of long texts, properly marking up headings (H-tags), and adding subtitles (in several languages, if available) to videos. The power of success stays in your ability to get customers hooked on your business and to understand their desires.

·        Accessibility

What have you been up to if your website still needs to be mobile-friendly? Because of how much time people usually spend on their phones, it is believed that mobile devices will soon overtake computers or laptops as the primary means of making internet purchases and also as a leading shopping item. According to studies, 2019’s Black Friday mobile sales smashed all previous records, with the most money being made through smartphones.

Therefore, adapting to your customer’s needs is the best Black Friday SEO deal. If you are an IT company, but you only sell keyboards and not the whole computer, do not be surprised that the number of clients will decrease drastically.

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