3 Situations When It Makes Sense to Sell a Home to Cash Home Buyers

If you have noticed “We buy houses” signs along the road and wondered how the process works, this article has all the answers. Real estate investors usually put up these signs. They buy rundown homes as investments and then resell them for a profit. But not everyone needs help from an investor. If the house is in good condition and the market is favorable, it’s best to sell it the conventional way. Here are a few examples of when it makes sense to contact a cash home buyer.

1. You Need to Move on After a Divorce

In most cases, selling the house is the only option left for divorcing couples. Selling the home before the divorce is a good idea for various reasons. For one, you can save money on capital gains tax. If either you or your spouse has moved out, the marital home becomes a second home, making you liable for capital gains tax on its sale.

But you’ll have to be very careful not to disclose that you’re going through a divorce, or buyers may try to lowball you. Also, if either of the spouses has moved out and taken their belongings with them, you might have to pay for staging, which is expensive. You may also not have the time or money to update and repair the home before you sell it.

As cash home buyers in Pensacola, we work with homeowners looking to sell their homes fast. We can buy your house in two weeks or less. You also don’t have to pay for staging or worry about repairs.

2. You Need a Way Out of a Financial Crisis

A missed mortgage payment or an unpaid credit card bill may seem like a minor issue. But, the problem can snowball into something serious and eventually lead to foreclosure. If you’ve lost a job or have failed to pay a tax debt, and there’s nothing you can do to salvage the situation, selling the house can be the right option.

But selling a house fast isn’t an easy job. If you’re struggling financially, it’s unlikely that you have the money for repairs or renovations. If the lender has sent a default notice, you won’t have much time to wait for a conventional sale. Besides, prospective buyers may be wary of the legal complications involved in buying a distressed home.

At Greg Buys Houses, we buy houses in Pensacola as-is. You don’t have to worry about tidying up the property or arranging cleaning and repairs. Our team understands the legal complications that follow such a sale and can handle them effectively.

3. You Own a Home You Don’t Want to Keep

Inheriting a home can be a double-edged sword. While the prospect of owning a home can be exciting, you’ll have to manage the legal problems that ensue, including probate administration and inheritance tax.

If you own a rental property but find it tiring to deal with problem tenants, selling the house can be a good option. At Greg Buys Houses, we’ll not only buy the house but also deal with the legal procedures that follow.

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The author writes about real estate and manages a real estate investment company. The company helps homeowners who need to sell their houses fast in Pensacola.

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